Tuesday, 15 January 2013

(Blog): Updates!

I tend to issue updates about my blog work on Twitter, so if you aren't following me on there you might miss some important points.

There is far too much to write here, however, than can be said in a simple tweet, so let's get on with these updates I wish to inform all readers of!

Oh, before we do that though, I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog articles either occasionally, once or consistently! Thank you so much!
If you want to help the blog grow even more, however, taking 30 seconds out of your time to share an article on twitter goes a long way, and is certainly something I would be extremely grateful for.

Now onto these updates then.

1) More Varying Content and Second Blog

So my first update is regarding my second blog which has recently been set up and the content you can expect from it.

Given how much I love video games and tech and they will always be two main parts of this work, I want to keep this, my main blog Michael The Kyle as my standard video game/tech blog where you can expect the same things that have been published over the last few months. That said, I wish to branch out into other genres of entertainment as well, in the form of more frequent blogs, vlogs, podcasts, funny/quirky entertainment articles and videos etc. These will be posted on the likes of my second blog: Michael The Entertainer.

Please subscribe or bookmark my other blog to keep up to date with it's posts!

I will be posting all other content that isn't video games or tech on Michael The Entertainer. Blogs and Vlogs will mainly only be available on there too, except important updates and notifications. If you only like my video game content then stick with this blog, but if you are interested in anything else I want to offer, then keep an eye on my second blog.

In the long term I wish to publish podcast shows, a series of videos to do with the general public, as well as out of the blue, random articles that will be pretty crazy, but, hopefully, entertain you.
Currently, equipment gathering is still in progress and it may not be a good while before videos are consistently published. The podcast shows will hopefully be set up over the next few months.

2) More Consistency

Admittedly, the rate at which articles are published is not high. I would like to get out an article at least every other day, but this is not my job, and I am busy with other things so writing as high quality articles as I can as often as I would like is hard.

That said, I will try to make my second blog: Michael The Entertainer, get frequent blog updates and articles published on it - so watch out for that.

Another thing I'd just like to note on consistency is that I am working really hard to bring not just articles, but podcasts and shows to entertain everyone on these blogs, so I'm not just busy doing nothing - progressing my blogs and bringing more content to viewers and readers is really, really important to me.

3) Podcasts and Other Shows

I am currently working on bringing at least a couple of brand new podcasts to you guys. The first one will be a chat show, the second a consistent, scripted, fictional, pure entertainment series.

On top of that I'm always trying to come up with new ways to entertain people, so expect a few unusual, experimental articles to be published, especially on my second blog. Feedback on what you want is very important, so don't hesitate to share your opinion.

And that's it....

Well, that is this update out the way. I hope these changes will please all readers and allow for more ways for people to lose themselves in entertainment. 

If you like this blog please share it and the articles published on it on Twitter or Facebook - I appreciate this to the ultimate MAX!

Either way, expect more articles, and enjoy!

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