Friday, 1 February 2013

(Series:1 Ep.2) Ultimate Team Player Of The Week

This series will now be appearing every Friday! Hope you enjoy!

Dami án Álvarez 

Club: Tigres U.A.N.L
League: Liga MX
Nation: Mexico
Position: LM (Left-Midfield)
Height: 5'5"
Foot: Right
Week Foot: * * * *
Skill Moves: * * * *
Attacking Workrate: Medium
Defensive Workrate: Medium

Average Cost: 600 - 1,000 Coins

Card Type: Rare Silver

Base Stats:
Pace: 82
Shooting: 62
Passing: 70
Dribbling: 79
Defensive: 44
Heading: 47

Why is he so good?

Unless you're a hardcore Silver Player collector/user then it isn't massively likely you've heard of Álvarez. He's a rare silver player who is, simply, awesome. 

So why is he so brilliant? Well, his 82 pace feels far more when you use him, most likely due to his tiny height and light weight which make him instantly more speedy than you might expect. He can accelerate incredibly fast, however, quite like Antonio Di Natale, his actual sprint speed isn't the fastest. He is fast, but he doesn't zoom off into the distance. 

His tiny height doesn't come in useful at all when up against other players in a physical sense. While it helps his pace and dribbling, he will get pushed off the ball by the slightest nudge. If you like running at players and trying to push past them, this won't work with him. His strength is a mere 53 which I suppose does an OK job of representing how puny he is.

As mentioned above, his small height and weight does come in useful when dribbling. Getting around players is fairly easy, especially with his 4 star skill moves. He can dodge challenges and dribble his way past players before accelerating at great speed to rush away, which is great.

Being positioned in LM it is likely you will want to use him to make a fair amount of passes. He fairs very well in this area, luckily. His lob through balls and other passes are as accurate as any player I've used, however he doesn't quite have the vision or skill to pull of magnificent, Xavi-Esque, balls.
He is the type of player that is great to use in a Give & Go or One Two situation due to his good passing and pace as well, which comes in useful.

No doubt shooting is a fairly important part of a player that most people look to as well. While his card states he has a mere 62 shooting ability, he is far more skillful than that. 
His actual finishing is labelled as 50 while his longshots are 71. Despite this he finishes most shots that come his way in the penalty area and is very good at hitting the target from long range. His finesse shots are particularly impressive. 

That said; he won't be worrying the keeper from acute angles or difficult positions. If it is set up right he'll do the job but if it's more of a tricky shot, expect maybe a miss or two. On top of that, while his is great at getting shots on target, not all of them, mainly his longshots, will worry the keeper due to his low shot power. Unless he has a run up and the shoot button is held down for an appropriate amount of time, his shot may just bobble on towards the goal and not really cause any hassle.

His height obviously puts him at a massive disadvantage when heading and we've already discussed his poor strength so defending is pretty much of the same quality. He won't excel in those areas, although he is actually pretty good at closing down opponent players and performing standing tackles. He is still far from efficient in defensive situations though. 

To sum up why he is such a great player, it is simply due to his great pace, equally as good dribbling ability and his underrated shooting. He gets into great positions, can play a pass and finish a chance. He is a real star player that must be considered for any silver orientated squads.

Should you buy him?

I would advise you to, yes. He is actually very cheap when other silver players of similar stats and ratings are considered. He only cost me 400 coins, although usually he goes for around 600 to 1,000.

While price isn't an issue, he does play for a pretty obscure club in an equally as obscure league, so he won't appeal to any people interested in 'team' or 'league' orientated squads. That said, he is a silver player, so anyone who is building a silver squad of mixed nationalities and clubs should certainly consider him. 

Overall, he is just one of those great, underrated players you find around. He may not fit in with every squad but if there is room for him: buy him. He may be a bit obscure, but if I were to give a simple answer to the question in hand - Should you buy him? - I'd just answer yes. Yes, you should buy him.

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