Friday, 8 February 2013

(Series:1 Ep.3) Ultimate Team Player Of The Week


Club: Real Sporting de Gijón
League: Liga Adelante
Nation: Spain
Position: RB
Height: 5'6"
Foot: Right
Week Foot: * * * *
Skill Moves: * *
Attacking Workrate: High
Defensive Workrate: Medium

Average Cost: 600 - 800 Coins

Card Type: Rare Gold

Base Stats:
Pace: 87
Shooting: 62
Passing: 73
Dribbling: 71
Defensive: 72
Heading: 64

Why is he so good?

Lora is fast. That is the first thing that is noticeable about him. He has an outstanding ability to make it back to grab the ball before even having to commit to a physical tussle with another player, which is good, especially as he has minimal strength for a RB. 
He may only have an 85 rated sprint speed but due to his height and low weight he moves faster than normal. He darts around the pitch, intercepting balls and making passes. His pace is truly excellent. 

Obviously defending is pretty important for a defender (no stars for guessing that) and his 72 rated base stat for this area of his game doesn't do well to represent how good he really is.
His tackling is fantastic. He won't really make many unprompted tackles unlike higher rated guys like Kompany and Ivanovic, but if you go in and tackle manually he will win the ball most of the time. His aggression and height aren't really high enough for him to give fouls away often which is good. 

His interceptions are also awesome; however this is less the stat itself and more his great pace allowing him to reach balls first. He isn't great at sticking out feet automatically to intercept balls himself.

His dribbling also appears fairly underrated on the card. He is a very efficient dribbler and while he may not bet Di Natale or Eden Hazard, he does well to get round players. It is good enough for a right-back at least, maybe even above average. His ball control was also very good and he very rarely loses the ball after winning it by taking a heavy touch.

In terms of passing; his crossing, long passes, short passes and vision were decent enough but, frankly, they were normal. He didn't seem to excel or be particularly bad in this area so little to say about it if I'm honest.

His shooting wasn't above what is to be expected of a right-back so, again, not much to say. His heading was also mediocre.

The core point of why he is so good is the way he plays. Sure, he can have pace and defensive ability, but he never seemed out of position and he was always back fast enough o make that critical tackle. 

Should you buy him?

It is often pricey to get good, fast, RB's. Abate is awesome but is just under 10,000 coins, while Lahm is often more than double that. Lora is fast and, generally speaking, performs like a top player. I definitely recommend him for any Spanish squads, cheap teams and starting out teams. He is really a beast of a RB and one to keep in mind. 

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