Friday, 15 February 2013

(Series:1 Ep.4) Ultimate Team Player Of the Week

Mesut Özil

Club: Real Madrid
League: La Liga BBVA
Nation: Germany
Position: CAM
Height: 5'11"
Foot: Left
Week Foot: * * 
Skill Moves: * * * *
Attacking Workrate: High
Defensive Workrate: Medium

Average Cost: 12,000- 20,000

Card Type: Rare Gold

Base Stats:
Pace: 77
Shooting: 75
Passing: 85
Dribbling: 88
Defensive: 43
Heading: 55

Why is he so good?

Ozil is fairly underrated on Ultimate Team is I'm honest - I mean; 80 long passing, 77 pace and 79 free kicks? Are you kidding? Luckily, though, he performs excellently in the game itself, so this isn't that much of an issue.
If you want a prolific goalscorer as your CAM, you might want to look elsewhere. Ozil won't score every match, or even every other match, unless you make the effort to get him too. Quite simply, his goalscoring ability isn't the most admirable. His longshots are actually very good, though, although he does need a fair amount of time and space to set up for the shot due to his low shot power which, if not powered up enough, will cause the ball to slowly and rather embarrassingly roll towards the keeper. His finishing is decent, although while he will put away most good opportunities he gets, he won't be scoring any difficult shots.
The thing that makes his shooting so lacking is, as noted above, his poor shot power, which comes in at a mere 70. This means that first time shots, longshots and even a lot of standard, in-the-box chances, will not be taken. He just can't get a good shot in unless there is enough time to power it up. It is a pain to say the least.

What's more, as you'll most likely want him for his passing ability, you may be inclined to play him on the left side of midfield or down the middle. This means that, even when playing in a centre CAM position, he will get a fair amount of shooting chances on his weak foot, which isn't good because it is only rated a mere two stars. He's actually scored a good few goals for me on his right foot in the box and he can get a shot from distance on target with it, but he isn't exactly, well, very, efficient with it.

But none of that to do with his shooting matters much, really, because he is a playmaker at heart. He is a fantastic one, too. 
His passing is actually brilliant, even if he does have underrated long passing. His short passes are always accurate, especially his through balls, as are his long passes. The thing that really makes his playmaking so special is his vision. He can see pretty much any pass you want to play as well as obscure ones that you probably didn't think could be played but did so by accident. On top of that, his crossing is also very good, although not as great as his real life crossing if I'm honest. In truth, a lot of players in FIFA 13 tend to cross exactly the same, and although Ozil tended to pick out players better and more accurately, he far from convinced me that crossing is an efficient and enjoyable way to play - even with him on the wing and Falcao in the box.

His ground crosses were actually brilliant, though, and he always seemed to find a player in the middle of the box unmarked or send it down the front of the goal so fast the goalkeeper and defenders couldn't react in time.

When playing on the left side of midfield in a 4-2-2-2 formation he didn't really have enough pace to outrun most players down that wing. It took the use of his four-star skills and great dribbling to make it past players to send in a cross or pass. He can break away pretty well, but doesn't have the pace, or strength, to hold players off. 

His dribbling is very good though. His actual ball control didn't seem completely consistent though. While in real life he always seems to have the touch of a God, in Ultimate Team his ball control could be a bit iffy now and again. Not all the time, but sometimes it felt like 85, others like 80 and sometimes like the 91 it is actually rated as. 
His actual dribbling is good too, but he is a bit cumbersome on the ball and can't get round opponents as well as the other players like Eden Hazard or even Turan. 

When it comes to the final two other parts of his game, heading and defending, he is awful at both. He wins less headers than Di Natale to be honest and has worse tackling and defending too. He rarely even bothers to get back and make challenges. Neither two attributes are something you'll want to focus on with Ozil.

Should you buy him?

I would like to instantly recommend him without a second though, however there is, well, a second thought. He is one of the best attacking midfielders I have had the pleasure of using in Ultimate Team, however there is at least one other player of the same position who is considerably better, despite being rated the same. Wesley Sneijder is one of the best players in his position and he kinda, well, kicks Ozil's ass. 

They are both around the same price, and with longshots to die for, a five star weak foot that performs like his strong foot, somehow superior finishing (despite it being rated lower), even better passing and defending and, yes, heading too (even though he is only 5'7"), Sneijder is far the better option. He is better in basically every way. That said, if you already own him or don't want him for various reasons, Ozil is still an awesome CAM. He performs extremely well, it's just important to note; before I recommend you spend up to 20,000 of your hard earned coins on him, that there are better options available. 

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