Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Surprising Movie Sequel I Would Like To See

This contains some spoilers for the film Predators: So read with caution if you are spoiler wary!

There are a ton of movies I love, however how many of these I would like to see have a sequel is at a minimum. When finishing a great movie, you tend to want there to be a sequel or something just so you can see more of it. If you're honest about it though, few of these movies would actually benefit from one.

This being said, there is one particular movie that I wish they would just hurry up and make a damn sequel to. That film being Predators.

The real poster would have to look far less tacky, of course.
Predators, made in 2010 and the most recent Predator film, is the fifth film in the franchise. Unlike Predators 2, or Alien Vs Predator, this film was actually awesome. If you haven't seen it then let me try to convince you to.

It actually offers up its own unique ideas and plot, as well as having a great cast of characters (and actors, including Adrien Brody). For instance; the setting being an alien planet, the idea that it is a hunting ground for the Predators and that there are tons more types of Predators out there as well as other foes to fight, the mystery surrounding the entire situation; these are all awesome contributions to the series. I highly recommend watching it as it is one of the best sci-fi movies I have seen for a while.

A sequel to this badass film would not only be awesome, but it would work too. 

Like a boss
It wouldn't work if it switched up the cast and characters, though. At the end of the first film you were just starting to feel properly attached to Adrien Brody and Alice Braga's characters. To get rid of them in the sequel would be stupid.
Instead, and it may seem like a bit of an obvious plot to go for if you have seen the original Predators, a story about how these two people try to escape the planet would be the best bet. Incorporating other characters into it would be easy, too, as they could be the extra humans coming in for the Predators to munch on and entertain themselves with.

It might be hard, but avoiding rehashing too many of the scenes and ideas from the first film is vital. I, myself, hate films that rehash too many things from the original movie into the new one. It feels fairly cheap. 

There is an entire planet to play with here, a load of which wasn't explored in the first film. There could easily be a part of the film that is set underground, or in caves; there could be a lava pit - anything the directors and producers want, really. After all, like is said, they have an entire alien planet to play with. I emphasise 'alien' because that means they could incorporate anything into it and no one could complain because it isn't set on Earth or a real place.

While it may surprise some people, a Predators sequel is easily one of my most wanted movie sequels, and has been for a good while. If they would just hurry up and make one I would be as happy as could be - for a while at least.

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