Saturday, 9 March 2013

FIFA 13 Pisses Me Off (Rant)

I will warn you; this article does contain plenty of language

In case you were wondering; no, this article is not being written while I am angry, however it is being written with rage at the core.

So I wanted to write this rant about FIFA 13, after all the problems it has got to me. 
So, Mike, why does FIFA 13 piss you off? Well, let's start here:

How the hell do you get 17 shots - 15 on target - and not score until the 90th minute? When the opponent has 6 shots, 3 on target, and scores in the 29th minute? In other words, how does it happen that you can be owning another player completely, with attacking, passing and defending but can't score a single of the good shots you send at their keeper, but they can score with one shot from outside the area?

Now, this isn't a case of "my shots were shit and his ones were good" - if you play FIFA you know the drill. You'll know that most, if not all, of your own shots may be amazing, but one of their mediocre ones easily ends up in your net. 

What about defending? Well if they only got 6 shots and you got nearly 20, who has the better defence?

The bottom line is; how can a player do fuck all in a match and their keeper saves all your shots, and when they are presented with one opportunity it is a goal? 

I'm not gonna get all technical and say "EA fix this" and "I think this needs to change" because, quite frankly, I don't give a crap, but I do know it pisses me the hell off.

Say what you like; "you're shit at FIFA" "Get good" and all that nonsense if you want, but if you play the game, you'll know what I mean.

So what else is annoying? 

I don't know- oh, maybe, where's my fucking defence gone? I get a freekick in my own half and suddenly it's 'get in the penalty area everyone, this is could be a goal' time. If you think I'm gonna cross the ball into the opponents penalty area from my own half you can piss off. But still, all the defenders amble up in an attempt to, what? Score from 50 yards? be a hero? Get the fuck back in defence and stop making fools of yourselves.
But no, there are only two defenders left to, well, defend, basically, and if the freekick goes wrong, where are the rest? Gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Too slow to get back in time and you're spread open - so far open counselling will be in order to recover from this disturbing ordeal.

Here's an idea: do your fucking job and defend.

While we're on the topic of defence and defenders, it's worth noting about how UNBELIEVABLY SHIT AND AWFUL the AI defending is. Defenders just stop running back, for no reason. They don't intercept balls 3 inches from their feet that are traveling at, what, 2mph? Then they just stand there, doing absolutely nothing at all. They stand there twitching, like they're caught in a glitch. Are you gonna stand there watching me concede or are you going to fucking help?

Oh and goalkeepers; don't get me started on those idiots. Apparently a goalkeeper can save everything that comes their way, but the moment a back pass to them is attempted they panic, get diarrhea and, yep, the ball goes through their legs into their own goal. Is this a joke? No, this is not joke. This is serious; very, very, serious.

Attacking AI is just as bad too. 
How, exactly, is it improved, EA?

There could be the biggest gap in an opponent's defence that anybody has ever seen and Alexandre Pato - or any other striker in FIFA 13 - still wouldn't run into it. Why are you running right next to the defender? Do you want to bum him or something? 

The AI runs are a joke a lot of the time. It's like every attacker in the game has the run making ability of Carlton Cole.

In fact, screw it; all the AI sucks. In fact, it sucks to the point where players just handball the ball for NO REASON AT ALL.

The ball bounces at a player and oh, they handball it. They take a touch and the ball bounces and, oh of course, they just handball it. It wouldn't be a big deal - after all, the ref doesn't even care - except the ball just bounces off of players' hands and out of play. What. A. Joke. And yes, I do have handballs turned on.

This has gone on too long, though. Let's speed it up:

Referees are a joke; they can't tell a foul from a good tackle.

Matchmaking is fucking A-W-F-U-L.

Oh and why, in fucks name, does it just decide to crash at the title screen when updating the store catalogue? I'm not alone with this. WHY? TELL ME!

Why the fuck do my hospitality settings not save? My custom formations? Poof. Gone. 

In career mode, when you aren't playing as Barcelona, why is Messi never top scorer and performs like crap? In other words: Why is AI Messi shit?

Another thing about career mode; I'm sick of Juventus wanting to buy Neuer - EVERY FUCKING TIME.

One more thing: When I press Pass, or Shoot - or WHATEVER: do it. Don't take an extra touch - DO IT.

Invisible ball can fuck off too.

So yeah. There you go. My honest opinion about the things FIFA 13 does to piss me off. 


  1. Haha, I was googling to see if anybody else had the problem with constant handballs that the ref never calls and came across this, classic!! The game is so incredibly frustrating. I feel your pain.
    My player takes a shot, and like you said not as the button is pressed, but after a short delay (so the ai can suddenly line is 4-5 defenders in the box in the direct path of the ball). Everytime now I pause the game and do a replay, and I reckon 1 in 2 is a handball as my player takes a shot, and I reckon about 1 in 20 gets called as handball.
    To me it just seems like they go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the scoreline being 10-0.

    1. Why when I play FIFA 13 online my players run so slow compared to my opponents? Are they using a cheat code or something? Its almost like my players are running in quicksand and my opponents every player including there center backs have rockets on there backs. Does anyone know what my opponents are doing? Please Dont tell me I just suck and Dont know how to play. I can play with real Madrid and my opponent have Ac Milan and every one of there players as soon as the game starts runs circles around me.

    2. This Always happen to me. my players are always second best in chasing attackers and even when attacking they are so slow that the opponent catches me in no time. I played some one using olympique lyon and I was chelsea fc. It was like this guy had more players on the pitch than my self even when he had a player went off.

    3. Are they cheating some how with a script or code? I can't even touch the ball because my opponent runs so fast and attacks with 3 players at once and they play guerilla ball. They kick my players and they fall over and they never call a foul on them.

    4. I want to know what the f*** you're doing that makes your man run so fast I'm playing online with Manchester United they can use the worst team in the league do guys want circle around me like my guys have skunk Creek boots on and they got rocket jets up there ass this is b******* I know the cheating with some kind of cold or something I need somebody to come forward and tell me what the hell do doing because you can't even play this online this is b******* is bleeding cheating I play against the guy they have no skills whatsoever all they do is make the guys want fast and wanting to you not your man over in school or you can even get the ball pass have half quart or half midfield I'm so sick of the s***

    5. I'm having the same problem too! The online season pisses me off so much that I just want to slam my controller on the floor! Today I was playing with Real Madrid my opponent was Juventus and their players were always running super fast blocking most of my passes, even their defenders were easily catching up with Ronaldo's speed. My fucking defenders can't even intercept a damn ball! When my opponent's players are attacking, my defenders are nowhere to be found. Where the fuck have they gone? Oh wait there they are, a couple of miles away from the attacking player. This is BULLSHIT! And just when I need a victory to get promoted to division 4, I suddenly start losing every single match remaining, thus keeping me in division 5.

    6. I am completely with u this game is a fucking joke the amount of bullshit that happenes to me is unbelievable you are completely right when you are dominating a player and you get loads of shots on target and he gets like 2 and he still wins when you have 70 percent possession and he has 30 what the actual fuck fifa fix this nonsense fucking worst company ever hope all of ea die FFS!!!!!!

    7. I've just got to div 1 and played as Man City vs Real Madrid (seems no one can play as anyone else but Madrid in Div 1). Anyway, I literally battered this player off the pitch and only got to 1-0 up.....then on 42 mins Pepe got sent off. 4-1 to Madrid in 10 mins of play I was spitting feathers. THIS GAME IS SHITE!!!! I managed to get it back to 4-4. Roll on next game.....funnily enough against Real Madrid again. 2-0 up and I was coasting. With a pass back to my keeper, Joe Hart passed back to Kompany (no pressure from strikers) and Kompany turned his back on the ball, it hit his heel and unrealistically bounced straight to Benzema with no defenders nearby.....easy goal. Then 2-2 with ancross going straight to Lescott my defender and the ball passed THROUGH him so easy header for Modric at the back post. THIS GAME IS SHITE!!!!!!!!!! Shall I trust they have rectified this shitnin Fifa 14 or save my money that I always end up forking out after smashing the shit out of my controllers. I'm sure I could sue EA for conning me out of controller money by making a corrupt game. Not enjoying it so sort it you fucking morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. you have to play seasons mode to get fair games. if you just play online people use custom rosters where their whole team has 99 speed. Although if you keep playing against guys like that you can become a monster at defense. that's what I did and I had a div 1 season where i only gave up 3 goals

  2. Haha brilliant comment man! The game is totally issue ridden and the part where you mentioned about handballing before shooting is so true. Thing I don't get is that for some reason none of these handballs are given, yet if your player is fouled and then goes sprawling and touches the ball with their hand as they fall, they free-kick if often given the other way for the handball. I just don't get it. He only handballed it because he was fouled first, yet the first foul is ignored.

    Glad you liked it anyway and thanks for the comment man. Sorry about the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the article, it is one of my older posts!

  3. I googled this article while pissed due to most of the reasons above. I laughed so hard I forgot to be pissed off. Thanks for that.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! Entertaining people is what I'm all about so thank you for the awesome feedback!

    2. Hahahahahaha!!!! U are absolutely right.....i came up against a guy who just kept passing the ball among his defenders and gk for literally 70 mins of the match and he just had 1 idiotic shot which somehow ended up in tha back of the what d hell do u do when u come ag such a frustrating opposition is my question....i mean he literally dominated tge match with his extremely boring and meaningless passes and probably when i come ahead to take the ball,he lobs it ahead and gets open.....

  4. Just played a game with my friend and his keeper ran out of the box and saved it with his hands, but the EA gods said "nah not a hand ball at all" absolute BULL-SHIT I can't understand what EA spend all there money on, not improving the server or the AI or the graphics or the actual game-play itself. You can see why EA won the worst company of the year award twice in a row.

  5. HOw about the fact that they opposition defenders somehow get super quick? I had hulk through on goal.. and MERTERSACKER OF ALL PEOPLE, somehow catches up and tackles him?!

  6. FreeFire187 on Xbox Live19 May 2013 at 21:45

    This game is so goddamn awful. This is a stupid fucking piece of shit! Like Billy said; HOW THE FUCK does a defender catch me while I'm at full sprint pushing the ball in front of me and the mother fucker is SIDE STEPPING and keeping up with me?! What the fuck is up with the goddamn shooting delay? Why the FUCK do I need to press the shoot button 3 fucking seconds before I'm ready to take a shot?! Do I look like I can see the fucking future and know when I'll be ready to shoot 3-4 seconds before I'm ready?! WHAT THE FUCK EA! Let's not talk about how awful the shit AI defenders are! "Here, let me get the ball and get that pass to you. Before I pass it to you though I'm going to turn around the other way so that I can have to immediately turn back around again and chip the ball to you even though you're only 10 feet from me! That's a perfect plan!" EA... SUCK A GODDAMN FUCKING DICK! Oh, and I like how the skill moves you put in game work like a fucking charm a whopping 1.4% of the time you use them! Great job!

    Yours fucking truly,
    Pissed off gamer, FreeFire187...


    1. I'll give you an idea----- play a Goalkeeper career

  7. playin online then and i tackle his player in the box (score was 2-3 to me) and i launch a counter attack with walcott running up the pitch i get to their box ref decided 'oh lol i think they needed a penalty there' so they got one keeper dives right way goes under his arm ,bullshit, then he gets corner i head it way ball drops to their play both feet and ball outside the box then i tackle him, his player falls face first and im breaking away ref then again decided 'eh lol they need anther pen because you havent paid EA enough fucking money' and then i make it 5-4 to me and ea decide to disconnect me from the lobby giving him the win and getting me relegated to division 2...... Bullshit game, Bullshit servers, Bullshit matchmaking

    1. You know, there must be some people benefiting from this then. Either that, or you get bullshit wins as well.

  8. Agreed. Also I hope EA can explain to me why the fuck liverpool or other shit clubs always win the premier league title when I play with other leagues. Every fucking time. Manchester United, Manchester city and chelsea even buy fucking half the other leagues players and end up 6th. Wtf is up with that????

    1. Liverpool a shit club? Lol u obviously know nothing about football

  9. Your 100% right! FIFA 13 is crap and the delay factor is very frustrating. There is also the fact that some players are overpowered (Messi), defenders are acting like apes in front of them.

  10. Tactical defending = stick a leg out on pressing B wihtout concerning yourself with the fucking direction. Fuckers ballwatch while running alongside the attackers INSIDE the penalty area. What teh fuck EA.

    1. I know! This thing really pisses my off! They've started this bullshit in fifa 12. Before that, in fifa 11 all you needed to do was press the same button as passing and it just sticks out a leg to take the ball, but now it's so fucking stupid. YOu have to press the shooting button but all the player does is stick out a leg in an empty spot without thinking which direction the attacking player is. This causes a big delay and the attacker gets a huge space to sprint towards the net. Fucking bullshit EA!!

  11. Just played Real Vs. Barca, apparently Messi is taller than Ramos (on two occasions) when it comes to penalties. Fuck this game.

    1. Sorry, I meant corners ;) Fuck this game again.

  12. this shit was fucking hilarious. Fifa pisses me the fuck off yet I still come back to play it. I think I want it to magically appear to be better or something. Totally not worth the 60 bucks if you ask me, because they make you purchase a bunch of shit in game too.

  13. I was so angry after watching my team get mercilessly counterattacked by a ridiculous AI after my 91 overall striker somehow couldn't handle a 5 foot pass outside the box, that I turned the game off, and turned to my computer and typed in fifa 13 fucking sucks. Your article popped up and it did make me happy. Why do I keep playing this game?

    1. I did "FIFA 13 is fucking shit" and got the same outcome. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? EA don't give enough of a shit to fix the issues. Take into account everything raised in the article and the comments here, what are they doing for 14? Improved crowds. WOW thanks EA just what we all wanted

    2. The funny thing about your comment? The crowds LOOK like shit. Whenever there is a replay where you can see the crowd, they look AWFUL- not even humanistic in the least!!

      This game (14) blows too. The AI's AI is so much better than the User's AI. Stupid shit like the button delay mentioned and so much other crap. So glad I'm renting it and not buying it!


  14. I know that feel bro. Fifa 13 is fucking retarded.

  15. I agree with everything in this article. I was just playing against the computer on world class and instead of clearing the ball first time, my defender turns the ball into my own net with the touch of a rapist (I pressed x (x box) before the ball had reached him). The defending AI especially winds me up, but the most frustrating aspect is the ridiculous first touch system.

  16. The last few weeks of playing FIFA 13' online have really annoyed me. Today was the final straw. Playing an online seasons game with Milan (i was vs PSG), I totally dominated the first half and was 2-1 up comfortably in control thinking gonna smash this guy about 4 or 5-1 at least. Half time stats were 9 shots, 7 on target vs his 2 shots 1 on target. But nooooo FIFA's ridiculous programming takes over and in the second half my players CANNOT EVEN PASS 5 YARDS TO EACH OTHER, their control is shockingly bad and they have no pace or even want to run anywhere. It's as if my AC Milan team suddenly became a non-league team!!. Ended up losing 4-2 because my players JUST WOULD NOT REACT to what I was asking them to do.

    I hope in the next version of FIFA, the players actually can respond to your input consistently. FIFA 13' is a joke.

    STILL missing PES6 after all these years of 'next gen' greatness. That game was the best footy game I've ever played. Your tactics and attacking/defensive mentality actually had an effect on the players you would logically expect AND you could score epic goals just by playing simple, quick footy. If you wanted to keep the ball. You could! Instead of your player just randomly deciding his touch would be a bag of shit for no reason, or his pass would go nowhere near the person you were aiming for.

    1. That's exactly what happened to me! I just got done playing as Germany and i was in seasons mode( which is complete shit) and predicted I was going to play someone that was using Spain which they did. I went up early around the twentieth minute and was up at half-time thinking i was gonna do better. All of the sudden my players become very sluggish, lag hits, and i lose 4-2. I honestly don't know if i can ever play this game again because of it's bull shit.

  17. ea is fucking shit scripting all the time fair tackles turn to penalties... and its called ultimate team why not act like it players like aguero van persie david silva etc should be good... but no its all about bent sessengon david luiz kaboul and all cheap players but ea couldent give 2 fucks because they earn soo much to even give a fuck i hope they go bankrupt.

  18. There is no doubt there is scripting in my mind... I was Level 50, and then suddenly it was like I stepped into a new world at Level 51; couldn't pass straight, couldn't hit the back of the net, defenders would just stop coming back, goalkeeper would do the stupidest shit imaginable. It didn't matter what I was playing FUT or Seasons. I dropped from Division 4 in Seasons to Division 9 - no shit. Horrible. I nearly broke my controller several times. And to all those people who would say I'm just suddenly shit, get a grip - players don't become shit overnight. How's this for conspiracy? I have just played 10 games in the rain... 10 FUCKING GAMES IN A ROW PLAYED IN THE RAIN. Fuck you EA.

    1. Same thing happened to me the game is terribly inconsistent and come to the end of the season 2 or 3 games to go and you need the points every game will be in the rain. I went from Div 1 to Div 3 every game in the rain.

  19. And why is it when I'm on a win streak I get my arse kicked in the next game it's like my team gets nerfed. Like in one game Torres can keep speed with defenders and in the next he can't run for shit it's not like career mode where his stamina is still drained he has full stamina but gets out paced so fucking easy and its not cos I play against different teams cos every cunt online picks Real Madrid or Barcelona am I the only person that chooses the team I support

  20. let's not forget about the normally slow moving defenders that turn 100 m olympic sprinters when they chase an attacker that breaks free on goal at 30-40 m. i'm sick of breaking off on counters with Ronaldo, Messi, Robben, Tevez or any fast attacker and getting caught within 20 meters by Rio Ferdinand, van Buyten or any other central defender. central defenders are fucking slow by nature, how can they catch the fastest players in the world from behind??? if anything, when i break free at 40 m from the goal with a player like Messi and Rio Ferdinand is 2 meters behind me, i would expect that by the time i got in the are the distance to be even bigger between me and the defender chasing me. but no, in FIFA central defenders seem to have nitros up their asses.

  21. All of the fifa 13 coins for the ball controlling would be determined by the strength, speed, height of the ball, the ball players and ball technology.Cheap FIFA 13 Coins is the player?s collision in the game. Another improvement is the player collision engine in the game?s software. In the Confrontation between the players, it would no longer have those untrue animation actions. This engine has been optimized and on the players? hips and upper body area has been added a new set of collision value. Each player in each team in this game would has his own FIFA News.

  22. ALL the issues that i feel are wrong with fifa 13
    1.MY defenders are just too too dumb(suck outright)they can't defend but always want to score.
    2.keepers AI keeper of opponent team saves 20/20 shots, but my 'language' keeper can't save one, considering how good my keeper is. It doesn't matter if he has 90 overall but the keeper with 80 overall is always better.
    3.AI defenders, stay at least a yard or two from my attacker but somehow magically save everything, perform the most perfect tackles, and are ALWAYS ALWAYS faster than my attackers
    4.My attackers just cant run past them, considering how professional players like Xavi, Pirlo, etc etc are in real life they just can't pass, or dribble even one player, and when they have the ball they are just idiots, having no control whatsoever.
    notable mentions:
    *shooting and shooting delay which just pisses me off, even i can shoot better and quicker although not the best but still better than the best players(in fifa).
    *also the my defenders watching the moon or something when the ball is kicked
    *the IMPACT ENGINE it's it's it's just...... players like Javi Martinez fall down like little babies with no control, they just fall when a midget touches them which is frustrating. what's even more frustrating is that your own players bumping into each other and helping the opposition.
    *professional players like Messi or Ronaldo apparently can't ground the ball when it is in the air which even i could do but most of the time they just handball it or lose it or rather serve it back to the opponents so that they can score.
    so there you go my opinion of fifa 13

  23. Hey guys I am so glad my bro found this blog site & sent the link. Well done Mike your blog more or less sums up what a lot of Fifa game players have been thinking for a long, long time. I am a relative `oldie` at 49 and have religiously bought and played Fifa since its original arrival on the games scene back in 1996 - actually, it was first on PC if my memory serves me right.
    Now I am not going to go into the trivial side of the whys and wherefores and don`t expect everyone to agree obviously but I know enough friends who play who ALL say the same thing. The game is fraught with peculiarities that make it a complete nonsense to play, especially online. Having read the commenst I wholeheartedly agree with all of them.
    Now here comes the good bit. Yes no doubt I am not the first and certainly won`t be the last but i have gone and done it. After the stress and strain of trying to at least enjoy the playing the damn game (Surely Enjoyment being the key word here..entertainment et al) and after numerous threats to my brother Tony (I play on line with him as one team against other onliners) I finally snapped. I had had enough and grabbed the dvd and ripped it in half. Not only that I was so consumed with anger that I also tore the plastic case completely in half too. You know what I felt a great sense of relief. The fact that after 17 years )no well maybe the last 4-5 years really, the game has gone downhill for me anyway) I no longer have to submit to its utter bullshit play. I say good fucking riddens to Fifa and I certainly won`t be buying it again.
    The whole concept of having to buy it every fucking year is a complete con anyway as they could easily provide updates on line (they already do for some games) makes me sick how they sucker all the game players in every bloody season, the EA fuckers must be making an absolute fortune out of us. I have finally had enough EA Fifa can go fuck themselves as far as I am concerned. I will be content to have at least some of my life back thankfully. Rant over. MS64

  24. Still a lot more you could have wrote about.

    Like on legendary, yeah it's the hardest difficulty, but making it so hard you'll be lucky to get one tackle in a game? Come on! And on legendary the opposition AI is like a footballing god meanwhile your AI has the intelligence of a Jim Carrey character. And another thing about the AI on legendary, how come my entire midfield gets forward (even holding midfielders) and then never come back? This leaves massive gaps that the computer exploits time and time again. The computer doesn't seem to have this problem so why do I?

    And don't get me started on auto passing. No, I want the ball playing to the man 3 yards in front of me who's completely unmarked, not him over there.

    And why (even when set on organised) do all my players swap position?! I DONT WANT MY DEFENDERS PLAYING IN MIDFIELD!

    And then we come on to 90th minute goals. Some say FIFA's scripted, EA deny this. They're right... technically. What FIFA does have however is 'intensity modifiers' that come in to play in the 90th minute. I don't know what these do exactly, but from what I can gather the losing team will receive some form of boost that will make them more likely to score. If the game's a draw both teams defences will just collapse.

    I hate FIFA, but it's adictive.

  25. It'snot just fifa either though ea servers are shit on every fucking game they make yet they sell so many and fifa is so fucking shit with handicap why the fuck would a bronze team be doing better touches than a gold team and all these shit noobs that just make teams with 90 pace and sweat if you cant score a proper goal don't play the fucking game

  26. Another thing is why the fuck is obstruction not a foul they just stand there and block your player not everything is protecting the ball

  27. I fucking hate this game aswell, as a skiller i have seen my style of play die out in the past years, I am person who plays a lot of FUT since it came out in fifa 09. I had 800+ wins and 200ish losses in UT09, 1800+ wins and 75ish losses in UT10, 2600+ wins and only 17 losses ( a fact I wont forget) in UT, then EA started fucking shit up, took a while to get used to the defense and by the end of the year I had 1100+ wins and 250 losses in UT 12 and in in that it was trickier but I could still skill without having to use pace. This year I've raged time and time again. its just become a shitty game where a cheap pace team will beat a much better team. i have like 400 wins and 500 losses. ill give fifa 14 a chance but if pace will still dictate who wins then i will just stop playing.

  28. The AI defends like a pro but it is nearly impossible to do the same with your players. I always feel there is a pushing magnet which denies you from approaching an attacker player, you cannot just stop them from scoring, and the jockeying is all shit!!!

  29. ..and overal player movement is not good, too fake,,,,and most of you call it a perfect simulation, but piss me off, you know nothing about football,,,

  30. The game is so bad im thinking twice about buyin fifa and my mate play eachother on purpose to fogure out the bullshit and one time i was accrington stanley and he was man city to see what happens...low and behold he cudnt touch control pass or shoot and i waasnt even trying it was like the game was soing most of it for me....i ended up winning 6 1 wtf is that......ive just payed a game is career im chelsea with a line up of gk courtois def alaba cahill luiz gibbs in midfeild oscar nasri and muniain then upfront neymar shaawary hazard vs leeds......i had 2 goals from 13shots 12 on target they had 2 goals from 2 shots pissed me off so much i had to just sim it
    I know the games makes it so its a challenge but its bollocks and does it in the wrong way...

    My other point is have any of you saw in the setting the ai and player customisations with shot error pass speed sprint speed gk error cant tell me that while your in game they dont automatically change to give teams momentum or not.....the other fifas never had thay so why now......theu need to sort this out

  31. This is without a doubt the greatest article ever written on the bullshit that is FIFA 13! WOW! What I'm about to type most will think its too extreme. Because all that is mentioned in the above article and then some, I threw my FIFA 13 game out the window like it was a frisbee.. then to make myself feel even better the console was next! It was actually my second console to be exact that went flying out the 2nd floor window! My problem with this game was all that was mentioned but what made me snap most was my players were VERY SLOW and then sometimes they were VERY FAST.. This person I played several time had the same problem.. SO EA FUCK YOU IT IS THE GAME THAT IS FLAWED!!!

  32. Probably the best article ever! I just googled after a horrible loss in the 1st division of seasons online play. Horrible AI defence, controlls almost every player by switch and pressing the opponent and still when I can't like controll EVERY single fuck some AI does a simple mistake like just running beside the oponent instead off intercept the ball and I get so fucking tired of the bad fucking luck I have when my AI's sucks and the opponents are fucking decent.

    peace out.

  33. me and my dad play ultimate team all the time the teams always out of position are fastest players are always getting caught up by starjumping jockeying murterslackers and ferdinands of the world and we never seem to have a chance against the players that change to two button controls were constantly screaming at the tv and the gamings just complete and utter bullshit at times

  34. You should all see what EA did with polish commentry. Fucking joke,for exemple the score is 3-2 and those idiot saying that is 1-0 or a player gets yellow card and they gonna say he deserved to be send off and many,many more shit like that. Funniest part is its 3rd or 4th year in a row. Fuck that,fuck EA!!

  35. Sent off,sorry

  36. lol peeps you need to understand that football games are moving forward. by reading some comments above i have seen some complaints about having to press the shooting button to tackle. LOL. i like this feature as it makes it more challenging rather than having pressing one button to make a player run for a tackle.

    however, i do feel as if EA like to bull shit and ive been saying this for a while now. WTF do these americans know about football. lol am suprised they dont name FIFA, FIFA soccer.

  37. i just wish fifa could go back to satisfying its fans. ive gotten to the point where i have nearly broke my FIFA 13 disc through frustration with what EA screw us over with countless times. LOL its not even as if i'am a shit player. am in DIV 1 on seasons but ive had to encounter bull shit as i still do just to get there.

    1 first touch- i liked the new feature of first touch as i fealt like fifa was becoming more realistic but it turns out that its epic bull shit. i mean how can professional footballers have a first touch as such as a fucking sunday league kid. i mean the ball bounces nearly everywhere and the touches are ridiculous.

    2 Defenders- defenders in this game completely suck. have you every e.g played a match and have wondered where your defender runs of to? defenders with medium-high attack rate tend to bull shit you the most.

    3 EA- due to the fifa 13 features EA are basically trying to say that * all defenders have a shit touch.

    *they can become faster than the speediest of players

    * defenders are clumsy
    *EA are trying to say that all goalkeepers have a shit first touch like WTF? am a goalkeeper and lol i feel insulted by this.

    *due to the features of this so called fifa 13 scoring from the near post has become easier.

    4 Lags, freezes bugs-
    * is it just me or have people experienced playing a career mode and as you pause the game your fifa freezes.

    *Playing pro clubs or online match and your fifa either freezes or lags disgustingly.

    * and as for bugs. one epic bug is playing career mode only to find out that the save option has vanished. like WTF?


    * playing manager mode and am like in my 10th season and i find out field players wearing goalkeeper trousers.

    shit like this gets to the point where i wonder why i spend £30+ on a new fifa. cuz this game is ridiculous.

  38. 1. 90% of games have a 45th minute goal. Almost unstoppable.

    2. Momentum or scripting or whatever...means your players will react quickly or slowly depending on random computer selection.

    3. When playing FUT offline season DIV 1 Ultimate Cup I will win 9 games easily and the game that will keep you out of the guessed it...AI scripting. When I manage to score a goal in this game...the computer counters with one of their own immediately.

    4. AI defending is shit

    5. Conceding or Scoring a bullshit goal isn't enjoyable and it happens too often.

    6. Free can bring up 3 different players and fake with 2 of them or whatever...but I bet you won't score. I haven't scored many and I think I've only conceded 2 this year.

    Ultimate Team shit...

    7. Formation cards (i know they're gone in 14 but fuck whoever came up with that idea) more thing here; you can't even search for the fucking formation you just scroll around for about 10 fucking minutes to find your formation and then wait to purchase it. AND GODDAMNED trade pile issues gimme a fucking break! Buy 10 contracts and store them in your consumables 1 at a fucking time...between load screens...puts my fucking cat to sleep.

    8. Manager cards or managers in general or any fucking staff actually (you don't even need a fucking manager)

    9. All of those power up cards...

    10. In Form minimum 10K discard price

    Back to gameplay

    11. Player marking and switching players are both shit in game. How many times have you gotten the angle on goal and your opponent knows your about to kick it to the upper far post corner and can do absolutely nothing to switch to the nearest cb to stop you? They tell you to switch players quicker with the right stick, but that is even worse than pushing L1 (ps3).

    12. General Inconsistency. I'll win division 1 online with only a draw and then win again with only 1 loss, then I'll win one and draw like 4 and lose a couple.

    13. EA Servers: ever been up 4-0 with the season championship on the line and get disconnected? I have.

    14. Game lags or server lags. I have an excellent internet connection, but it's just not fast enough to play fifa online the way it's meant to be played. It's not enjoyable to have to press the buttons for a body fiend & exit 5 seconds before I need it performed.

    There's no telling how many hours I've watched games online or played them myself, but it's hard to tell if I've ever gotten any better.

  39. You deserve good karma for writing this. Nothing on earth is as frustrating as Fifa 13. I still think the worst thing is when you're playing Career mode and you lose 2-1, you finish the game, check the stats and they show

    Computer shots (on target) 2 (2)
    My shots (on target) 19 (13)

    And I was Lyon and they were ES Troyes. Then I play Juventus the next week in Europe and win 0-3 away. It's just stupid and it pisses me off. And it pisses me off even more that EA doesn't give a f*ck.

    cheers for your ranting, it cheered me up lol


  40. i know how you feel guys i have the same problem when i play fifa my players are always being intercepted when i try to contain when they are doing it they never get intercepted fucking scripted shit game.

  41. also when i jockey contain i stick my feet in they get the fucking ball back instantly it never works with me i love fifa but there are to many bugs scripted shit at ea gay servers

  42. Fuck this game.

    I've never been so pissed off with a game before. I just hulked my controller and smashed it after being fucked in the ass by online and career mode all day.

    Lets get this out of the fucking way, my connection and ports are good/set-up. So why the fuck is it so hard to get a game that doesn't have movement/input lag. Fuck you EA, it's 2013, sort this shit out.

    And what is up with the handicap and momentum swings in career? My team is amazing. Better than any team out there. But I play against a championship side in a late cup game and all of a sudden these cocksuckers are ripping me apart? What the fuck is this? Don't fuck me, EA.

    I play Fifa almost exclusively when I have friends around. So i don't usually spend enough time with other parts of the game to realize if there is anything fucked going on. Just recently was the first time I sat down with Fifa 13 by myself. 2 months later and jesus christ, these shitheads at EA have ruined what should've been the best Fifa yet. If this bullshit is in Fifa 14, then fuck the ps4/xbox one, I'm not wasting money on something that is gonna have me rage-posting on the internet again.

    1. I agree with all of this. Momentum swings are just insane. I just took the bold step of deleting my career save because I nearly smashed my xbox to pieces after four straight games in which relegation threatened clubs have played like Barcelona and in these four games I have let in seven goals without my goalkeeper ever making a save. What's the point in having an 85 rated goalkeeper when he literally doesn't save any shot that is on target???
      I lost to Ajaccio who were bottom and Sochaux who were second bottom, after winning like eight straight games prior to this bad patch. It's literally like the game is punishing me for winning by making the opposition untouchable. I didn't touch the ball for 20 minutes of in game play. It isn't fun, and it's making me not purchase FIFA 14 unless I hear of MASSIVE improvements to the gameplay.

      Fuck this game

  43. I want to get relegated but it's still frustrating when the game is so blatantly cheating. I haven't been beaten from div 8 to div 1. Now I have 4 draws and 3 defeats........last game was shocking. Every save Joe Hart did went to a Real Madrid player just off the line....easy tap in. FUCK OFF FIFA......PRO EVO IS MY PREFERENCE FROM NOW ON. GO FUCK YOURSELF FIFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. After careful consideration, I am buying PES.

  45. Just must vent.

    Arsenal (me): 16 shots, 12 on goal
    Benfica (AI): 1 shot, 1 on goal

    Final: 1:1

    This just after tying Spurs who scored on a 90 + i don't know maybe 15 minutes? corner kick own goal.


  46. Just finish playing career was in division 3. One game i needed to win to avoid relagation. Playing as Bayern.M oppenent was Chelsea. I made 2-1 to me in the 75th minute all of a sudden its like my players get dumb,they give away possesion easily,they get nervous and make mistakes and all of a sudden my oppenents team is pressing hard,every loose ball is going his direction, evey save get hits back in his direction. Terry for past againt Robben and then the 90 th minute i counter, Terry for past againt Robben he clears the ball down the flank a fucking wide open hazzard squares the ball in goal of a header!! It was fuccin stoppage time for 2mins and it took like 5 minutes. And i get relagated.

    Now!! Here come the bullshit relagated to div 4 i draw 1 win 1 and lose like 6 straight all the way till i back to div 6.

    So fuccin bullshit heated with rage i googled Fifa 13 bullshit and found this beauty post with others who feel the same. Glad to know that im not crazy and others have the same problems.

  47. Planning on playing a match against the AI? Let me save you the trouble and tell you what will happen:

    1) Your shot on goal will be blocked by the AI defender, and the deflected ball will drop directly into the feet of the AI attacker. The CPU will make you cycle through 3 midfielders and defenders to choose the right one, while the AI attacker is already 5 yards on a breakaway and scores.

    2) Your decisive pass will be cut out by the AI defender, who will spin like a top and curl the ball in the air in the direction opposite the one in which he was running at full speed. The ball will drop directly into the feet of the AI attacker, the CPU will make you cycle through 3 midfielders and defenders to choose the right one, while the AI attacker is already 5 yards on a breakaway and scores.

    3) Your decisive pass will be cut out by the AI defender's toe, and the deflection will miraculously land in the feet of an AI attacker. The CPU will make you cycle through 3 midfielders and defenders to choose the right one, while the AI attacker is already 5 yards on a breakaway and scores.

    4) Your decisive long ball will be chased by your attacker and the AI defender. The AI defender will pull your shirt until your attacker falls over, with no foul called. The AI defender will spin like a top and curl the ball in the air in the direction opposite the one in which he was running at full speed. The ball will drop directly into the feet of the AI attacker, the CPU will make you cycle through 3 midfielders and defenders to choose the right one, while the AI attacker is already 5 yards on a breakaway and scores.

    5) Your pass forward will be intercepted by an AI defender when your player suddenly decides to stop running and makes a half-hearted lunge at the ball. The AI defender will play a perfect through ball to the AI attacker, who will score.

  48. Some of my favorite games from this generation are remixed, remastered, and high-def-ized versions of Pac-Man, Turtles in Time, and many others.
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  50. i'm just laughing at all the idiots who bought FIFA 14. Like you couldn't see it coming lol. EA have never listened to the fifa community's criticism of the series, not once. They don't care because they know they can sell millions of copies no matter how awful the game is. All they need to do is update the rosters and spend a few weeks adding new, poorly implemented gimmicks like first touch, call it a BRAND NEW game and voila... Spend 90% of the budget on advertising and the idiots will open their wallets in droves.
    Seriously fuck EA. I will NEVER buy another EA product again.
    But thank you EA for making such a shit game. Because of FIFA 13 I had to look elsewhere for my gaming fix and found Dark Souls, a brilliant brilliant game.


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