Sunday, 24 March 2013

I Have Nothing Interesting To Say (At The Moment)....

You may have noticed there have not been as many blogs or random articles published within the last week and that is mainly because I have been busy playing Tomb Raider and (now) Gears of War: Judgment. Soon I will be playing Bioshock Infinite too. My life has been limited to my thoughts, my gaming and a little bit of social interaction so I have had, really, nothing interesting to say except about what I am playing.

I know this won't have bothered many people because my gaming articles are the most popular things on my blog, however it has bothered me so I wanted to just let people know I haven't gone dead in this area, I am still here, but my focus is primarily gaming at the moment. Throughout April, when less games are released, my variety of articles will go up again. 

A quick note on these podcasts too:
I know it has been a while and I said I would be doing them in February, however due to equipment costs and irritating budget issues I have had to delay it. I apologise. BUT, I do know it should be within the next month. I emphasise should because I can't make any promises, but it should be.

Oh, also, I forgot FUT Player Of The Week on Friday. I am sorry. In truth, due to me not really playing FIFA 13 I am not feeling the vibe with those articles. I am going to postpone the series until I feel I want to start writing it again. Sorry, but I really don't want to keep at something I'm not feeling so...

As for App Of The Week, it seemed to kick off well (or at least that is what my view figures told me) so that is gonna be carrying on as normal every Wednesday. 

I want to write another A Question Of... this week so stay tuned for that!

Anyways; keep gaming, keep watching TV, keep going out, keep getting drunk, keep doing that shit and, most of all, keep chilled. Peace.

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