Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I Saw Jack Dee Live!

A couple of days ago, on Sunday actually, I went to see Jack Dee live. If you are lost on who he is, then let me help you. He is an English, and my favourite, comedian, and he was returning for one night only at the Cliffs Pavilion for an exclusive show.
I got tickets for my birthday last month to see him.

His show was great. He was ultimately trying to tell you the events of his week, however he constantly digressed off into other things, such as his children, social experiences as well as other things relating to his style of observational comedy.

He is a totally awesome comedian, funny as hell, and his interaction with the audience was also really good.

One thing I did thoroughly enjoy about his show, though, was his want to bring back into more common use the phrase 'So what?'. According to him he uses it whenever anyone says something to him he doesn't care about. He is certainly right, people struggle to find a response to it when you say it to their face. I think I will try using it more.

Any comedians in particular take your fancy or you enjoy watching? Say what you want in the comments!

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