Saturday, 9 March 2013

Michael The Kyle & Michael The Entertainer Collaborate + Changes

So over the past week I've been thinking. Yep, a deadly game of thought processing has lead me to realise a couple of things.

First of all, this blog won't be changing when it comes to Video Game content. I love writing all this stuff and I hope you enjoy reading it. That said, I will be collaborating Michael The Kyle with my secondary blog Michael The Entertainer.

This means that MTE is no more and MTK is now the only blog I will have active. All articles from MTE will be appearing on MTK and this will mean that Michael The Kyle is now my ultimate blog. Gaming articles, spoofed articles, opinions, rants, blogs (and yes, there will actually be blogs from now on) will all be on the one blog. Why is this? Why have I taken a solely video game orientated site and turned it into my entire personal space?

Well, quite frankly, I was struggling to see why not. I am not IGN or GameSpot. I do not want to just be a blog that shells out video game article after video game article. I want more. I want this to be my area where I give everyone  a piece of me and my mind. I will still be doing game articles as frequently, but I will also be doing rants, blogs, opinions, reviews of movies maybe - whatever I want. MTK will feature my professional articles as well as my ramblings that people probably don't give a crap about. You gotta do what makes you happy, right? And this would make me happy so...

I know some people view this because, and only because, of the game content. I get that. But it won't be going anywhere, it will just be combined with everything else I want to do. Before, I was treating MTK like an official gaming website, but it isn't; it's a blog. And a blog is a space where anything can be written and no one can question it because that is what a blog is.

All that is going to change is the amount and variety of content. More variety and articles is all that is happening here. I love video games, so of course I will still be posting as many things on them as I was before.

The transition will be slow, with an article from MTE coming over to MTK every day to every other day as to avoid MTK being flooded with articles.

So chillax, eat some pizza and drink some Coke and let the fun begin!

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