Friday, 15 March 2013

Minecraft Xbox 360 Improvements That Need To Happen

Minecraft is an extremely popular game on both PC and Xbox 360. However while there is no doubt that the computer version of the game is miles ahead of the console one, here are some updates that should happen to the Xbox 360 Minecraft that will improve it way beyond the stage it is at already.

Add Mob Spawners To Creation Mode

This is really important. The ability to make mob spawners in creation mode is practically non-existent, unless you count making a room a specific size in order to automatically spawn mobs, a decent way of doing things.

Creation mode is supposed to be free and allow people to make challenging maps and all sorts, however this is near impossible to do efficiently without the ability to implant mob spawners into the map.

This feature needs to be included as it pretty much makes this entire mode semi useless. 


Everyone knows mods will never be anywhere near as prevalent or loose and flexible on consoles than they are on PC because there are way too many restrictions on the likes of Xbox 360 that stop people fully and freely making add-ons for games. 

That said, licensed and officially published mods by the developers themselves would be extremely nice, and is actually something currently being considered, if not implemented in the form of an update at this very time, by 4J Studios and Mojang.

Adding in these mods would be fantastic. If done right, this could be the feature that would keep everyone completely addicted to Minecraft for days to come. Obviously charging money to download these mods would be a massive con, in my eyes at least, as these are things that, on the PC version, are completely user based and almost always free to use/download.

Downloadable Maps

In all truth, a lack of mob spawners is a bum, but it really isn't a big deal unless user maps become downloadable. 

Creating an epic map is good fun, however even it does lack certain key features (like mob spawners) that would make it far better, these mean nothing without the ability to actually share these maps with other players.

Spending all that time on a challenge map is fine, but who is there to challenge? You know how it works yourself and it is only going to be so much fun testing your friends with it. You need to be able to share it. And what is more, it is pretty rubbish relying on your friends to make cool maps for you to use when it would be amazing and far better if you could download and use thousands upon thousands of other people's maps.

Obviously things like adding mob spawners and downloadable and sharable maps go hand in hand. Nobody is going to be able to make a good, enjoyable and challenging map to share with everyone if they can't even implement spawners into it. So 4J and Mojang: Just put both in. Otherwise, as I said before, this entire mode is as good as useless.

More Flexibility and Game Options

Switching things up and varying how you play the game doesn't just come in the form of mods. You should have far deeper and more customisable options in simply the map and host settings menu. 

You should be able to customise the experience of either randomly generated maps or user created maps exactly to what you want. Sure, there are a couple of things like that, like the option to fly, the option to be invincible or something and other stuff of the same sort, but that is pretty shallow to be honest.

It sounds crazy and the PC version probably doesn't have any of this inbuilt, but this isn't the PC version anyway; this is the Xbox 360 console one, so why not add some unique stuff to it? Like the option to set how long night and day lasts, choose the amount of resources there are (this would make it harder and reduce how likely players are to camp in one area and spend eternity mining it out), hell even be able to decide how many hearts they have or how fast hunger runs down. There are tons of options that would give people the chance to make every game they play fun and quirky in different, obscure, ways.

Easier To Use Creation Mode

A big annoyance about creation mode, aside from the things already noted, is how goddamn hard to use it is. If you want to customise and take a chunk of the game world, say; 5,000 blocks squared, and use that space to make something big and badass and awesome, then good luck. Even a space as seemingly minimal as that will take an age customise, because, simply, creation mode is hard to use and no matter what you do, it will take forever to create anything remotely big and detailed in it.

Creation mode should be done like an RTS; a big overview experience that gives you complete control over everything at one time. You could move 500 blocks in a flash and destroy an entire chunk of the world in a second. Creating things like this, and not from the first person perspective that you use to actually play the game, would be i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e. Even if they did allow people to share maps, there would be hardly any to download because people just wouldn't be assed to make any.

And even if they did, they would be pretty naf because unless someone spends 400 hours on one map, it isn't going to be very detailed, large, or well built. Sorry, but that is the honest truth of it.

And Finally...

A Proper Community

Maybe this gen of consoles is just not cut out for it, but there definitely needs to be more of a community on the Xbox 360 Minecraft. I'm talking about in the actual game too, not on the internet through a laptop.

There needs to be an area for players to go to share seeds, advice, tips, arrange lobbies, talk about strategies and create clans and share maps they have created. There needs to be some sort of inbuilt thing that brings everyone who either simply plays and likes the game, or is completely dedicated to it, together and allows them to be a real community.

Minecraft Xbox is an awesome game, and considering it is one of the most customisable games out there that has come over from the most open and free platforms out there and onto console, 4J Studios has done a pretty damn good job. That said, there is a lot that needs and can be done to make the game even better. And it is perfectly possible, too. Just because the Xbox 360 is more regulated than PC doesn't mean none of the awesome features that make Minecraft what it is can be included. With a few changes and alterations here and there, mods, downloadable maps, a better creation mode and a generally more enjoyable experience can be achieved.

It will take time, but hell, the journey to the destination is all part of the fun.

What is your opinion on Minecraft Xbox 360? What improvements do you think need to be made and what do you think about what I listed in the article?

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  1. I believe that they also should add new Biomes. Maybe add superflat biomes next to normal biomes, we should be able to manipulate the different types of biomes also. Say, if you go into creative mode and you see an awesome Snow biome, but you wish it was a jungle biome instead, you should be able to do that in the click of a button, or reverse it if you dont like it afterall.


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