Monday, 11 March 2013

No More Spoofed!

The series Spoofed!, which I started on my secondary, now inactive blog, Michael the Entertainer, is to be no more, I'm afraid. Due to the content of my Spoofed! articles I am having to call it a day because of, let's just say 'problems', I was having. I wasn't forced to stop the series and I did it of my own choice, but it was the best call to make. It may one day return, but for the moment it has to be stopped.

If you want to view ALL of the already published and written Spoofed! articles then head over to Michael The Entertainer. It is now inactive, with all the content originally published on it being brought over here to MTK, but it is still available to be viewed. 

Sorry about this, but hopefully all the other content I am and will be producing will suffice;) 

On another note: Due to the instant success of my recent article: A Question Of Fashion (What You Want Vs Society) , I will be doing another 'A Question Of' article soon, so stay tuned for that.

As always, thanks for the support troops, and peace!

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