Saturday, 30 March 2013

Road To Game(s) Of The Year #1

In this series I will be taking a look back over the last 3 or so months at the games I have been playing, and reviewing which ones are potential Games Of The Year and which ones are not. 

Not GOTY Worthy...

Aliens Colonial Marines 

I think it is pretty obvious to everyone that the only game(s) of the year list this game is getting into is "Worst Game(s) Of The Year". 

Put shortly, Aliens Colonial Marines sucks balls.

If you read my rant you'll know why I hated it so much, but to be honest; everyone hates this damn game. Little more can or needs to be said. 

God Of War: Ascension 

Well GoW:A was a bit meh. It wasn't terrible but it certainly isn't GOTY material. 

It's main issues stem from the fact it just doesn't even remotely TRY to do anything new and actually kind of fails in what it actually does do.

The story was a shallow flop, the gameplay was too platforming and puzzle focused and the game was way to short. Admittedly God Of War: Ascension isn't exactly worthy of any Game(s) Of The Year lists. Sorry.

Gears Of War: Judgment

Earning only a 6/10 score from me and a mixture of good and bad reviews from everyone else, Judgment is without doubt the worst Gears game yet. 

Judgment lacked any real focus or improvements. In fact, it did not even improve anything, really. Instead it added in some new features that didn't work that well and removed key things that made Gears what it was. 

The development of the game is mind boggling, however while how it turned out so mediocre is a confusing mess, what isn't is where it stands in terms of potential GOTY awards. This isn't a game that I would even remotely consider for game or games of the year. It's odd thinking that when the last game in the series was released, GoW3, it actually had potential to be GOTY. Not anymore though.

For more on Gears Judgment check out my review for it and my Gears of War VS Gears of War feature.

Dead Space 3

Well DS3 isn't exactly bad. It is far from the best Dead Space game, however it isn't actually a bad title. 

If I had reviewed it I would have classed it somewhere in the 7/10 range, and this does more than enough to show it isn't exactly in the best games of the year list. 

In a way Dead Space 3 felt quite like Gears of War 3 in that it had to make changes for the sake of the story rather than the sake of the fans or gameplay. Admittedly it worked better when done with GoW3.

Like I said, DS3 isn't bad, it just isn't GOTY material.

Hmm GOTY Worthy...

Tomb Raider

While I am skeptical about whether or not TR could, or will be, my GOTY, it is definitely worthy of getting into the Games Of The Year list itself. So while it might not win the ultimate award, it might get second place (or as good as).

Tomb Raider is an outstanding game, albeit flawed and not perfect. That said, these are not the biggest deal and I am certain it will remain a diamond of 2013. 

While it will receive tough competition, Tomb Raider is unique and an excellently driven game that can easily hold its own. If you want to know more about it or more on my opinion of it, check out my Tomb Raider Review.

Bioshock Infinite

I know many people think I totally kiss this game's ass, but I just can't help it; Infinite is phenomenal. Rarely does a game create a game world so rich and deep that you spend over an hour simply admiring it. Rarely is a story and its characters so deep you actually can't stop thinking about them/it all day.

Infinite is in line for my GOTY, however The Last Of Us may prove very, very, very, very (cue a good few more 'verys') tough competition. It doesn't matter what happens or who wins the ultimate GOTY prize though, what is for certain is that Infinite will at least be in the Games Of The Year list. After all, it earned my first ever 10/10, and that is a hard achievement to beat.

For more information on Infinite check out my review for it, and (this is only for people who have FINISHED the game as it contains massive spoilers) my ending explanation. If you want to read more on my opinion of the upcoming The Last Of Us game, then check out my Top Games Of 2013 feature where I wrote a piece on it.

Until next time, PEACE!

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