Sunday, 31 March 2013

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you in a more direct way to everyone who has helped make my Bioshock Infinite ending explanation article so popular! It has become my most viewed article on my blog, has over 70,000 (at time of writing) hits on my Gamesbeat account and a shit ton of comments. In fact there are so many comments that I can't actually respond to hardly any of them like I said I would (sorry). I never thought it would get so big. 

Thank you for all the tweets too. Thank you to all the people tweeting me their thanks and giving me this awesome, positive feedback and also following me on twitter.

I also, quickly, want to take note of the fact that my Gamesbeat version of my article is actually the wrong version. While it still says exactly what it should about the ending and all of that stuff, I stupidly posted the SECOND draft, instead of my blog version which is the third, final, draft. This means that there are a fair amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes in my Gamesbeat version. This cannot be edited out because, as far as I am aware, once published to Gamesbeat, articles can't be altered.

I also want to thank all the people who liked, retweeted and shared (if 'shared' is what it is called on Google+ - don't use it myself) on Google+. 

Thanks, also, to all the new visitors on my blog I am getting. My views have gone up massively. 

Yep, so there is my little, corny, speech. It needed to be done though, because this has turned massive.

Before I leave I just want to advise you to follow these peeps: @About47Pandas @Mike__Crichton @AlwayzGaming @tylerwhite3719 @Justinsmith1993 @Pandasinthenude

EDIT: Ah, I actually want to quickly add something in I missed. I also want to apologise for the inconsistent grammar and spelling efficiency in my recent articles. I have been extremely tired and a bit ill as of recent and at the same time I have been desperately trying to get out these articles. Unfortunately, my proof reading skills when I feel like shit are, well, shit too, so please don't judge any of the mistakes you may have found too harshly. Thanks and as always:


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