Monday, 25 March 2013

The Markza Is Badass

Having played Overrun and Survival mode as well as plenty of multiplayer on Gears Of War: Judgment, I have come to the realisation that the Markza is an incredibly powerful weapon. 

The Markza is a semi automatic rifle equipped with a scope that can old up to 120 rounds of ammo. The thing that makes it so powerful is the fact that it can be used in anyway to achieve quick kills. Up close the gun is powerful and will kill in a few shots, and the scope also allows you to use it over long distances. 

Unlike with weapons like the Longshot, the Markza has a magazine of more than 1 bullet and can be fired fairly quickly, especially if you have a fast trigger finger. 

Up close the weapons can blow peoples heads off with only a few shots. In fact, you don't even have to aim down the sights. Firing from the hip is a fantastic, accurate way of killing enemies,

From a distance the Markza doesn't lose damage either. It may take 3 bullets to half a mag to kill someone, however, as I said, it has a good fire rate so it isn't hard to do this.

The fantastic thing about this weapon, aside from its high damage, is the fact it has 3 ways to aim with it. You can hip-fire, aim down the scope or simple aim over the shoulder. All are great, efficient ways to kill enemies.

Overall the Markza is an awesome weapon. I highly recommend you try it out and use it. It is an extremely powerful gun.

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