Saturday, 9 March 2013

This Weeks Football is Badass

I was flicking through my TV guide to check out this weeks football (soccer for all you American peeps) fixtures that were being shown on the likes of ITV (not Sky as I'm a poor bastard) and I pretty much started drooling onto my lap.

So let's start with tomorrow (Sunday). The Manchester United Vs Chelsea match is being shown live on ITV1 which is brilliant because not only is that a heated, popular fixture but I also support Chelsea so it is always nice when you can see the team you support play.
No doubt that this will be a pretty good game, however given our (Chelsea's) run of mediocre form and United's success after success (except against, you know.... Madrid) I'm not totally convinced we will be able to handle the pressure.

On Tuesday it seems Barcelona are playing AC Milan. After losing 2-0 away Barca will be no doubt be looking to play an aggressive, attacking match. I'm expecting, and hoping, that this will be a great watch.

Then Thursday comes and we will be able to see some Europa League which... yeah... I know... no one likes the Europa League... but still, a match is a match and hopefully it will be a thrilling one. On offer is either Newcastle United Vs Anzhi Makalakalakalakalakakakak or whatever it's called OR Chelsea Vs Steaua Bucharest, which I'm hoping will be shown instead.
On ITV4, the same day, is the second leg of the very one-sided first leg between Spurs and Inter Milan which ended 3-0. Inter weren't able to get an away goal which will make the next leg even more of a struggle.

So there you have it! This week is packed full of awesome footballness that will certainly keep me entertained. I will be tweeting live about those matches mentioned on Twitter so hit me up on there @mookyst if you want to hear what I have to say.

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