Saturday, 23 March 2013

Video Game Sequels That Need To Happen

Here are some of my most wanted and desired video game sequels and game series that need continuing. Note that there are spoilers in this feature.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake's American Nightmare wasn't a proper sequel - or so Remedy said. In reality, when I played it, it seemed far more like a sequel than the developers had previously stated. I wasn't very happy about that either, because American Nightmare wasn't even that great and lacked many things that had previously made Alan Wake so outstanding, so for this to be at least 'acting' the sequel was very disappointing. 

Remedy has claimed that a true Alan Wake sequel is in the works though, which is great because the original game was one of, if not my favourite (I know, big statement) game of this gen. 

An 'unnamed' title being developed by Remedy is actually scheduled for a release(?) or reveal(?) after or with the release of the next gen Xbox. This could easily be the next AW game - hopefully.

Whether it is or not is irrelevant though. The bottom line is that the game needs a sequel like I need to eat. 

Alan Wake was astonishingly good in many ways. The game world and setting was brilliant but, most of all, the story, coupled with the superb voice acting, was truly incredible. At the end of the DLC, while it wasn't left on a proper 'edge of your seat' cliffhanger, it didn't exactly clear everything up, and things weren't exactly left great with Alan and his situation. In fact, he was left in a big predicament with a massive task ahead of him. There is clearly not only room, but a need for a sequel here. 

Tomb Raider

The recently released Tomb Raider game is an obvious game that needs a sequel. Obviously it is too early in the day to expect a release anytime soon; after all it was only released a couple of weeks ago. However there is plenty of room for expansion here and it doesn't hurt to take ideas on board now. 

Lara Croft's next outing could be spread out across the world like her older adventures. Instead of having one big map for one big place, the map could represent each part of the world she has so far visited in game, allowing the player to fast travel and go back and explore those areas in more detail. It would be a great way of keeping in the expansive exploration that the recent game offered while bringing many new environments and places to the table.

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 3 has already been hinted at by Avalanche as well as having a picture of it supposedly leaked out (it looked an awful lot like Just Cause 2 to me though). That said, there is nothing official, so let me reinforce just how much this series needs another installment.

Just Cause 2 was AWESOME. However the great thing about it is that while it was an incredible game, it was also fairly flawed, so a third game in the series would (or at least should) offer many improvements and updates.

Just Cause 3 could easily have loads of new awesome features. More destruction is a must as the chaos system was easily the key aspect of the game that the first JC lacked. In a way it was what the series always needed.

Combat is also a part of the game that needs updating. While the gunplay worked well, things like the grapple hook could have more use in combat and maybe even offer some violent finishing moves to perform on (perhaps downed?) enemies.

The story was absolutely fine, though. There is absolutely no need to anything to be made more serious here as the hilarious characters and situation that they were put in were brilliant. 

The last thing I have to add here is that the map needs more secrets. All those offshore islands on the Just Cause 2 map were almost all empty and pointless. Make them more interesting and include some sort of side quests revolving around these weird secrets. That's an order.

Red Dead Redemption

Perhaps one of the most obvious games that urgently needs a sequel or at last qualifies for one is Red Dead Redemption. While the original game had a pretty conclusive end and doesn't need a second game to explain what happened, it left it on such a note that there is plenty of room (room that needs to be filled) for another game. 

Admittedly I wasn't very keen on John's son, Jack, however it would be interesting to see what sort of path he takes in the years after his fathers death. 

At this point in time there is no doubt it would be a next gen title and might even be the game the Rockstar kicks the next generation of it's video games off with. Either way I can recommend little improvements here because RDR was such an incredible game. C'mon Rockstar, astound us!

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs received a mixed reception with most reviewers praising certain, particular aspects of the game while criticising others. The difference between these reviews was mostly how much the critics thought these issues affected the game with some websites rating is fairly low while others gave it fantastic scores. 

In the end I think some were too harsh towards it and given its very rocky development and publication process, Square Enix and United Front Games did an awesome job of creating a game that, sure, had its issues but also had a great story and awesome world to explore. The game, mostly combat, mechanics were marvellous too.

Whether an indirect or direct follow-on, Sleeping Dogs deserves some kind of sequel. The basis has been laid, the devs now know what did and didn't work and what the game should focus on more and they can expand on this. There is every reason to continue this as a series and no obvious reason not too. 

Tighten it up, streamline the gameplay and make the necessary adjustments and you are onto a winner. If they do their best, this could turn out to be the series that rivals GTA. Who knows, in five years we might even be hailing this as the sandbox game to own over any others.

There are tons of games that deserve and need sequels in my opinion as well as many series that need the same treatment in the form of more installments. Either way, this list is in no way full of the only games I think need sequels and is just a quick overview of some games I would like to see get expanded upon. There are plenty of titles I want to see and I'm sure you feel the same. Make sure to leave a comment on what games you want to see in the future too!


  1. You forgot Bully 2, my friend, Bully 2 is the most wanted sequel of the century.

    1. Haha indeed I did! Oh well, like I said at the end of the article; there are loads more games that need sequels; that was just a short list.


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