Saturday, 20 April 2013

Having My Work Copied

One thing I was expressly told about blogging before I took it up was: 

'You are GOING to have your work copied. That is just the way it is.'

And it's true. I received an e-mail recently from someone notifying me that my Understanding Bioshock Infinite's Ending - Ending Explanation article had been used in a Bioshock Infinite guide without either my permission or with proper credit and recognition given to me in the guide. 

I don't mind my content being used, but ASK first. And name me as the author of it (because, well, I am) and link my blog and the original article in it too.

After I found out about this I got a bit paranoid, started searching Google with quotes from my most popular articles in the hope of catching some people in the act of using my content without my permission. 

Like I said, it's not that I'm a control freak; people can use my stuff, but only if they ask and give me proper credit in the article. 

I did find some other people using my Bioshock Ending Explanation article too. One of these was a website that listed me as the author of the work and provided a link back to the original article, which I appreciated, however again; no one even bothered to ask. 

And I am not a hard guy to reach. My e-mail, Twitter and Facebook is everywhere that I am. It's on IGN, Paperblog, Gamesbeat, my blog. Everywhere. If you get my content from somewhere where I posted it myself, then there is going to be a way to contact me too, so there isn't any excuse for not sending me an e-mail or tweet or something.

I encountered this one complete lame-o who had literally copied my ending explanation WORD FOR FUCKING WORD. And he took aaaallllllllllll the credit. So I dropped him a comment (he did not have an available e-mail) and am awaiting a response. And if he does nothing? Ima copyright his ass. I'd also like to let everyone who is considering copying my shiz that I am also protected by Paperblog. So take that bitches!

Anyway. Just a short blog, but one worth mentioning. I'd really appreciate it if you send me a tweet or e-mail if you find any of my work has been copied by someone. Thaaaaaaaaaaanks! 


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