Saturday, 27 April 2013


I went to a circus yesterday (yes I know what you're thinking but it was actually good) with my sister and her boyfriend and while it wasn't outstanding (there were a few screw ups here and there) it reminded me how awesome natural entertainment is. No movie screen, just you and the audience and some people using their own personal skills and abilities to entertain you.

One thing I forgot about circuses, though, is the high amount of female driven acts they have. The last time I went to a circus I was very young and didn't really pay much attention to any of the performances that didn't involve action and danger, however this time around I was focussing on everything.

One act that took me by surprise was a female contortionist. For the first part of her act she managed to spin 5 or so hula hoops consistently around her body. It was pretty amazing. The hoops had special LED lights built into them and when the lights went out it looked absolutely stunning. Very mesmerising. After this she then managed to contort her body around while balancing on some poles so her head was literally on her bum.

While this may sound extremely disturbing, it was actually really, again, mesmerising. All you could hear was the soft music playing and see this very beautiful girl doing all these smooth, albeit kind of creepy, moves. It was all very smooth and oddly seductive, but not in a derogatory way - it was very purposefully done. Compared to the often fast paced nature of the other acts, this was extremely quiet, thought provoking and just very dreamy. Even if the two hour show had just been filled up with her doing her thing I still would've gone. It was truly very mesmerising.

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