Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Best Curse Phrase

Contains a fair amount of language. It is, after all, about curse words.

Going out the other day had me swearing my head off as I made a total fool of myself while 'attempting' to play Football, a sport I used to be good at until I stopped practising.

During my total tidal wave of curse words and sweary phrases was one particular phrase that I said a surprising amount.

The term 'shit on it' is one I have adopted and begun saying a lot. Actually, I used to say it a shit ton before, however it seemed to drift away from me and I stopped using it. It's back now, though, and I'm using it like a muthafucker.

I actually took the phrase from the TV show Friday Night Dinner, a pretty funny Channel 4 programme about a family who have, you guessed it, dinner together every Friday evening.

The father in this show often uses the saying 'oh shit on it' when something goes wrong, and I've gotta say; it is always entertaining hearing him bumbling around and loudly swearing his head off.

I didn't realise I was doing it, but after I watched the show a few times last year, I started saying 'shit on it' a lot. I soon made the connection and realised I had taken it from Friday Night Dinner.

Thing is that there are always loads of curse phrases, some unique and funny, in programmes these days, however I don't often go around copying them.
The term 'shit on it' is, however, one I cannot stop using.

Drop something, even if it isn't a big deal? "Oh shit on it!"

Do something stupid? "Shit on it!"

Make a mistake? "Shit on it. I'm sorry."

Unlike many other curse words or phrases, 'shit on it' is somewhat humorous. Ultimately you are saying that that there is either, or someone should, shit on what you have done. It is less about the fact you are swearing and more the funny meaning behind it. 

People say all sorts of rude, offensive things in unfavourable situations. 
"Fuck it!" "Fuck this!" "Fucking hell!" "Fuck this shit." "Muthafucker!" "What the fuck?" and a whole lot more including f-bombs and other unsavoury words.

The thing is that all of those are often very deadpan and serious. Sure, if you say them in a lighter way they won't seem as harsh or heavy, but the thing with 'shit on it' is that it simply can't be said, or taken, in a serious way AT ALL.

Go on, say 'oh shit on it' in a firm, deadpan tone. You can't. YOU JUST CAN'T.

I don't often like using, or rather saying, curse words or phrases seriously. It makes me feel like a bit of a dick and mean, even if the use of it/them is 'justified' and not even directed at anyone. Even when I say harsher things like "fuck it" or "fuck this" or "muthafucker" I do, or at least try, to make sure I say them in a humour-some way.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I swear quite a bit. Well, a lot actually. I won't hesitate when it comes to dropping a few 'fucks' or 'shits', however as I almost never mean it in a serious way in reality, I always try to lighten it up and get across how I really mean it when typing it out. I don't usually do this with smileys as they can be a bit... well... annoying. However by saying something funny or making a quirky joke, or including the phrase within a less serious context, it is often easy to make what you write be read how you want it to be.

This is actually something I find a lot of people don't do. People have tried to have jokes with me either over text, twitter or Facebook by swearing at me or saying something pretty nasty as a joke, however by not including any form of 'joke' identification, I take them seriously. 

How on EARTH can someone tell if 'Oh fuck off' is a joke unless A) You have already been having banter. B) You know the person so well you automatically know they are joking. Or C) They include some other text, or smiley, that assures you read it in the tone it was meant.

Lots of people seem to write things down with their own feeling and thoughts in mind without actually thinking of how it will be read by the other person.

I'm going to wrap this up because this has been a massive digression. Bottom line is: 'Shit on it' is an awesome, always funny phrase that is good to use as a rude exclamation. 
That is all.

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