Thursday, 16 May 2013

EA Are Slowly Taking Steps To Become A Better Company But Still Suck Balls

I don't often do articles covering more minor news articles. That's what sites like IGN are for. However when a little bit of news like this takes my fancy and I feel I have a deeper opinion than a simple head nod to share, then I write these things. Blogs. Articles. News features. Whatever the fuck you wanna call them. Anyway, it's written now so read on or go do something that's arguably more constructive, like brush your teeth or eat food or game or something. You know. Boring people things (except the gaming of course).

Anyway. Where were we? Oh yeah. This news. 'What is this news?' I hear you ask? Do you want to know? Yes? I'm slightly tempted to keep you hanging but not only would that make me seem a dick it would also do nothing at all for this article. I mean, what am I supposed to prolong this bit of news with? A blank space? Me rambling like this?

EA loves giving you heart-attacks and stress issues. All for £44.99RRP!
Dying early has never been so fucking easy.
ANYWAY. Fucking digressions.

So this news is the news that EA has scrapped the online pass system. There you go. Happy now? You should be. You got your bit of news OK! Sheesh. Oh and yes, you did read that right. EA has done something for its customers. For YOU. Not for itself. Actually, I'm so surprised by this I've spent the past 10 minutes wondering and trying to figure out if there is some sinister motive behind this somewhat unnecessary move by the publishing giants.

And it is, well, unnecessary. I'm not trying to be a dick but I don't get WHY they got rid of the pass system? Everyone was used to it. The constant complaints weren't as high as they were before. EA didn't have to do this. But they did. And that is why it kinda makes it seem better. Because they didn't need to do it but they did they don't seem so evil anymore.

But they still suck balls.

If EA don't want to win 'worst company in America' for the 3rd year running then they're gonna have to do a lot more than scrap the online passes. And I mean A LOT more.

Improving customer service should be one of these must-do things and should be pretty damn high on the list.

Recently I was having problems with FIFA 13. Again.

The problems were mainly these two things:

Freezes in career mode when using Creation Centre teams (which I paid for by the way)


Freezes when exiting/finishing a match in pro-clubs.

I talked to this one guy and he, well, fucked me. Virtually.

He got me to delete these files from my FIFA profile. Said they were safe because they were 'stored on the server'. 'EA's server?' I asked and to which he replied 'Yes'. That's fucking comforting.

I deleted these files and then the game wouldn't sync with EAS FC and the game was unusable. This isn't even close to a joke.

The guy didn't get why it wasn't syncing claiming that there had been issues with the PS3 servers a few hours ago but no problems on Xbox.

And then, after about 5 minutes he said "Oh yeah the servers are down. Just got this info through 10 minutes ago." How typical.

To cut a long story short the game ended up syncing but then started freezing at the menu. I ended up talking to another fool online who was a total useless person and then calling them, EA, twice. They didn't answer at all the first time. The second time it took nearly 15 minutes to get an answer.

The guy on the other end just ordered me about. Like literally, ordered me.
He was like:
"What you're going to do is install the game to your Hard-drive. Then you're going to take the information I just e-mailed you and give it to you ISP so they can forward your internet ports."

Wow what honesty from you EA. Oh, what? That's not your logo?
Well maybe you should start using it.
All I said was: "Why doesn't the game come with a warning that you may need to do a billion other things before you can use it?"

And he said: "It's totally random and unexpected. Sorry."

You shouldn't be sorry man. Your employers should be. Although you do need to work on the way you speak to people.

Anyway I just thought that was a good example of how shit their customer service is in reference to how shit EA is in general and how they need to improve in way more ways than just getting rid of online passes.

Oh and what the guy ordered me to do didn't work. I'm getting back to those mofos today. BE PREPARED EA. BE VERY PREPARED.

Anyway, I don't care much about them losing the pass system as I almost always buy my games new anyway and the ones I do buy pre-owned aren't usually the type I'd play online. I'm also hoping EA will lay off of the Microtransactions a bit. To be quite frank though there are so many issues with the company that I can't even list half of them here. They just need to become way more consumer friendly.

 So what are your thoughts on this bit of info? Are you glad? Upset? Sad? Crying? Happy? Also what do you think EA needs to do to ultimately improve? Say what you want in the comments & PEACE!


  1. EA makes pretty good games, and some great games too such as Need For Speed and Mass Effect. I don't think they deserve being called the "worst company in America", because their games are typically very well done. The only thing I have against them is their overuse of in-app purchases and microtransactions, but that's about it. I was about to dis them for not supporting the Wii U but ultimately I can't blame them for their descicion.

    1. And I can't attest to their customer service, but it is possible that you just had a bad experience. It seems to me like they were trying to help you! (:

    2. There's no issue with games like NFS and Mass Effect because they're not developed by EA, but games like Fifa and SimCity that ARE developed by them are terribly maintained and supported.

      Also the people they employ in their customer service are nice enough but they are useless buffoons. EA has well known terrible customer service. I've talked to them a dozen times. And if anything that's an understatement. I almost always got nice people but bad service. They just fail. I mean the game is still broken for me and I've talked to them about 5 times in the last week.

      Look at Microsoft, even Netflix and Lovefilm; absolutely dreamy customer service. Totally perfect. Never an issue. It may seem harsh but there are key reasons why EA were voted worst company in America twice in a row lol


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