Saturday, 25 May 2013

eBay Rage, Brain Frizzle & Star Trek

I look a bit like Pikachu with that yellow face...
My Metro: last Light review was delayed, as you know. This was because the mug I pre-ordered it from on eBay didn't send it until 3 whole days after they were supposed to.

You might be wondering why I actually bought it off of eBay when in reality it would make more sense to purchase it from, like, Amazon. The answer? I don't, uh, actually know. I guess it's because I like bargains and the copy of Metro: Last Light I pre-ordered on eBay was really cheap. But I paid the price in terms of poor delivery and I shall never - NEVER - pre-order off of eBay again. NEVER.

I actually ended up going out and buying a copy of Last Light from a Smyths toy store near where I live. It was the full £40 RRP price but I figured I could just sell or return the other copy of Metro when I got it and, while I'd lose money yes, it was better than nothing. So dat, dat my friends, is what I did.

I sat down and played Metro from 1pm till 10:10PM. A full 9 hours 10 minutes. Well, about 9 hours if you count the bathroom and dinner breaks I had. It was surprisingly satisfying to play it so fast though. I enjoyed it. But my mind was frizzled afterwards. It was like I was seeing squares everywhere. I hadn't had a single proper break and my arse, oh God my arse; it was killing me. Like KILING ME. Literally.
Well, not literally. Obviously it wasn't actually killing me. It just hurt a lot.

Actually, isn't it weird how much people say 'literally' when they don't actually mean what they say literally? Everyone says it as if it gives what they're saying more basis or will make you believe them more but they don't seem to realise that if something is literal, it is actually that way, completely.

Example: Someone actually said to me: "Oh God that film was so bad it gave me aids, literally." And they weren't using the word 'literally' in a joking way either. However by them putting it in they were actually saying that instead of the film giving them aids in a metaphorical sense, it actually game them aids. Like in real life. Like, it genuinely gave them a decease.

I think people should use the word 'literally' less loosely...

Before I wrap up this short, random, blog, I wanted to touch on the new Star Trek film that I saw earlier this week. I'm not really a Star Trek fan, although I liked the first of the new Star Trek films a lot. However the new one, Into Darkness, is absolutely AWESOME. I loved it. It was action packed, it had crying, it had an English bad guy (AGAIN. A-FUCKING-GAIN. IS HOLLYWOOD INCAPABLE OF CASTING AMERICANS AS BAD GUYS IN THEIR OWN GODDAMN MOVIES?) and it had laughs. It was great fun.

Although I'm gonna come right out and say it: Benedict Cumberbatch was overrated.

Yes. I think he was. He wasn't THAT amazing. I mean what the fuck was with his emo hair and gothic looks? I mean really? Really? C'mon, you could've at least made him a bit more original.

Oh and one last thing: I'm buying a domain for this blog that will be active from the 31st of May onwards. Check out my previous article update for more info.

So anyway, I just thought I'd do a quick blog touching on a few things that happened to me recently. How have you been though?

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