Thursday, 23 May 2013

How Microsoft F*cked Up The Next-Gen For Themselves

I'm a bit of a Microsoft fan but for this article I took the stance of someone pissed at Microsoft and their pretty shitty Xbox One reveal. This is me pointing out why everyone is saying the Xbox One sucks. If you've got anything to add or say, comment away!

Microsoft's Xbox One reveal was supposed to be big, shocking and amazing. It was supposed to blow the PS4 reveal out of the water and take everyone by surprise. It was supposed to prove all of the Xbox naysayers wrong. But it didn't. In fact it went possibly as bad as it could have gone.

I do like Microsoft but why do they never listen?
It's been a couple of days since the Xbox One event and everyone's had time to mull over what they saw and heard. Ultimately I was very disappointed by it, however this isn't just about what I thought. Gamers everywhere are grouping together and saying about how much the Xbox One sucks and how the PS4 is without doubt going to be better.

Microsoft have received such negative backlash from the reveal event that the question of whether or not they have just completely screwed up the next generation for themselves is becoming ever more asked.

Currently practically no one likes or is siding with the Xbox One. But why? Why does it look like Microsoft have just fucked up their next console?

The consumers are the ones that Microsoft needs to impress. And to do this you often have to listen to them and take their views onboard, something Microsoft hasn't seemed to have done.

There are 3 core issues here that Microsoft did not approach or deal with proeprly. These 3 issues are what are greatly contributing to the Xbox One looking like a bad deal. These 3 things, which could have been avoided, are what are really causing the consumers to get pissed. These are 3 things Microsoft didn't take note of, that they didn't work with the consumers and their users to make work. Why did they do it alone? Why did they not listen? Why do they not seem to have any idea what we, the buyers, the people with the money, WANT?

* The first issue is the lack of games and the whole entertainment side of the console.
Sony's reveal was all about the games. Sure, they did not show the console and I was very disappointed by how shady they were about some aspects of the it, but they did NOT forget their audience: the ones who they were broadcasting to.

My sister likes movies and TV and entertainment. She does. The things that Microsoft highlighted that the Xbox One does in the entertainment area of things are probably things my sister could very well use and like. But she doesn't care about the Xbox One. She didn't watch the reveal. Why? Because she doesn't game. It's not her deal. So, Microsoft, the Xbox One is still a games console. It is an XBOX. It's part of a GAMING brand. It has hardcore gaming CAPABILITIES. It's why people BUY the CONSOLE.

This. This was the most interesting game related thing they showed.
Which isn't bad. I can't wait for it. But this wasn't even proper
gameplay. Fucks sake.
So why were you pushing all of this entertainment crap into our faces? Why on earth were you emphasising areas of the console and what it does that NO ONE watching gave two shits about? You want to make an all-in-one entertainment device? Go ahead. But just don't call it an Xbox and market it as a games console at the same time.

The lack of games at the reveal was stupid. They totally neglected basically who their entire audience and following was and tried to convince us other things mattered. But no one cared Microsoft. We just want games. And that's what Sony and the PS4 is making SURE they deliver. So why aren't you?

* The second issue is the online requirement. How many times did people have to yell and scream and fucking make it CLEAR AS DAY that they DID NOT WANT online to be a necessity?

OK, OK, so it isn't a 'constant necessity', but the Xbox One's core features still rely on it.

The Xbox One doesn't have to be constantly connected to the internet to be used, but it needs to be connected about once a day in order to keep functioning. This means if the internet goes down you can still game and do things on it for some time (about 24 hours) but will need to reconnect it at some point soon to still be able to use it before it shuts off completely.

This isn't a big deal for a normal person who lives in a normal place, but what about people who don't have consistent or constant internet connections? Well they can't use it. Simple as that.

The fact it HAS TO HAVE an internet connection to function longterm is not what we, the consumers, wanted. It might not be always online, but it's as good as.

All Microsoft did by making the console like this was reduce people's confidence in them and whether or not they actually listen to the community.

* The third and final main issue is the charge for borrowing games. You can use a friends game on your console if you are signed in as them, however if you're not singed in as them and you simply want to borrow a game for a week, you have to pay a fee. A full price game fee. So basically you have to buy the game yourself.

This is the final straw for many people. It's the thing that proves just how much Microsoft don't seem to care. While Microsoft has said pre-owned games will still be available and game rentals will still somehow work, not being able to borrow or simply lend games is a ludicrous feature to get rid of.

People made it clear months, maybe even years ago, that they did not want restrictions like this. And what has Microsoft done? They've fucked you. They've fucked me. They've fucked the consumer.

Yeah Microsoft, no one gives a fuck about apps on
a games console. Where are the fucking games?
It's almost like they thought the pros would outweigh the cons, but didn't they realise everyone was going to be looking at the bad parts of the new console? It's like they tried to say "Yeah it has to have a consistent internet connection to work and you have to pay to use a friends game but hey, look, we haaaaaaaaaaaaaave - SPORTS GAMES AND ENTERTAINMENT THINGS!!!" But Microsoft wake up. No one cares. Nobody gives one shit. No one cares about this 'app' and that 'app' and this 'movie thing' and that 'movie thing'. No. One. Cares.

Hey but you know what gamers do care about? Games. We care about games. We care about being able to lend a friend a game for free. We care about being able to game without an internet connection. We care about the fucking video games we can play on your fucking video game console. And basically everything we, gamers and consumers, care about you didn't seem to care about. You seemed to brush aside or screw up. And it's hard to have faith in a company like that.

That's why everyone is pissed. That's why everyone is saying the PS4 is better. That's why everyone says the Xbox One is rubbish. Basically that's how you, Microsoft, fucked up the next generation for yourselves. Take a fucking bow.


  1. I've got to say, this article completely sums up the feelings I had after watching the xbox reveal. Like yourself i'm an xbox fan, but I like my games console for the games. The extra "features" they are adding are all things I can already do on the other devices and I don't want to spend £300+ for a box that just replicates what I can already do.

    The lack of games at the reveal was a big killer for me, especially as we were showed no gameplay in any way. I'd have prefered even just someone sitting on the stage with a pad in their hand playing Forza, just to see how it will look in motion. They have E3 to try and remedy this, however if they mess that up, then there could be a real possibility of losing a big chunk of their fans.

    I also think they've missed a trick with all the features. Of course there are people who will want all the TV functionality etc, but why can't there be a system that is purely stripped out of these funtions and able to be sold at a lower price point? As I say, I wouldn't use any of these features (as I don't on my 360 at current) but if they could offer a system that provided just the gaming and nothing extra, i'd jump at the oppertunity. Think of it like xbox elite and arcade I suppose.

    That said another fantastic article from you Michael, i've been reading all your articles over the last few days and they are all amazing, keep it up :). (And it's nice to see so many british terms, i've been reading too many american blogs I think)

    1. Hey man thanks for the comment! I'm so glad you liked the article and could relate. I think you can guess I totally agree with your comment too lol not much else to say really except what you and I have said already. Poor show by Microsoft.

      Thanks so much for the awesome feedback too and don't worry; so long as there are great peeps like you enjoying my content I'm never gonna stop doing it! Thanks again man. Means a lot.

  2. Absolutely no way I would buy a console that has to "check in" online to play single player games. I go to a cabin several times a year that doesn't have a phone let alone internet (so I can get away for a bit) but I like to take my 360 with me.

    I haven't given up hope though. Both the "online check in" and the "used game" problem can be solved with a software update.

    1. The online check in may be solvable but Microsoft has emphasised that the used games system is the 'publishers' choice, so I don't think they'll dare go back on their word and turn around and tell publishers that the Xbox One actually won't offer them the ability to make their games a one time use deal. That said, who knows what'll happen. I guess we'll learn more at E3!

  3. PC, here I come!

    1. I'm hoping to build a proper gaming PC later this year as it's something I've always wanted! I'd love for PC gaming to be the full answer to consoles though, however the only thing that keeps consoles, for me anyway, a must buy is the exclusives. It's a shame PC receives a bit of a rough deal in that area.

  4. Just say no to consoles. So "exclusives" have you by the nuts? Don't let Micro$oft hear that!


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