Thursday, 30 May 2013

In A Whirlwind Of Defiant Words

It's not hard to see why some people lose out.

It's not hard to see why some people win.

If you're not interested in my more serious articles like my 'A Question Of' series, then this article isn't for you. But I like rambling and writing social comments as much as I love gaming so this is how it's got to be.

I like to class myself as an observer. Wherever I go I like to observe what I see before me and think - not speak. To ponder what it is other people are doing and what they too are thinking. I can be a pretty self absorbed person and sometimes I will remind myself that the other people before me have their own feelings and thoughts too, and it surprises me a little bit. Are they secretly judging me? What do they think on this matter or that matter?

The murder of drummer Rigby left a really sour taste in my mouth. It's so sad when anyone dies. But when it's in such a brutal manner it's often hard to understand the mind behind the person who committed the act.

It's odd because I had a recurring nightmare shortly before his murder that was of a very similar nature.

In this nightmare I was standing in a park that is near where I live with a friend. It was dark and maybe about 11PM. All of a sudden people started gathering near one of the exits/entrances and crowding round and then suddenly people started falling. Dying. There was a man standing there killing them all, right in front of me and my friend. He was killing them with a machete. It was terrifying. So me and my friend, we ran. We exited this park and we ran through the town of Rayleigh. However we got separated, or rather my friend just disappeared. And I was alone. And I realised all of these machete wielding madmen were strolling through Rayleigh, ready to kill.

After I woke up it made me think of how easy and unpreventable crimes and murders involving things like machetes are. If someone wanted to walk up and stab me or you, they could. Easy. And that's basically what happened to drummer Rigby.

A couple of songs I continually played over the course of the weeks before Rigby's death and after it were All Hope Is Gone and Psyhosocial by Slipknot.

All Hope Is Gone is a simple song about the faults of society while Psychosocial is a song about the Iraq war.

"The state of the nation, violationA broken promise is as good as a lieThe hell is humongous, the devil's among usAnd we will burn because we won't unite
We won't witness anymore freedomWhat does anybody do we need 'em?I would rather fight than let another dieWe're the problem but we're also the solution"

It's not hard to understand those lyrics. They truly are brilliant. So much is said within those 8 lines about the world, no matter where you live or are from.

"A broken promise is as good as a lie" is a statement clearly directed at the politics of the world, while the line "We will burn because we won't unite" clearly indicates that the failure of the human race to group together how we should and work and fight as one to survive is not only our current downfall, but will likely be our final downfall too. 

"We're the problem but we're also the solution" is arguably the most obvious piece of lyric genius here. The human race is the problem itself yet we're the only solution to our own problem. Issues don't resolve themselves.

There are many reasons why drummer Rigby shouldn't have died. What effect did the man who murdered him think he would have other than proving how disgusting the human race is even more? What did he think he would do other than make himself look like the monster he is? You can fight for what you believe, but even in fights there are rules. Limits.

In World War II there was the Christmas Truce. A completely unofficial truce that saw friendly and 
enemy troops make short peace between each-other and even hangout and play football.

When I think of that truce it really does touch me and it makes me think of how even in the most violent and dangerous situations, humans are still humans. We're not born or made to kill. We're just people. 

And yet in this 'modern age' there is no peace from this relentless onslaught of violence. There is no calling a halt to it and agreeing that enough if enough. The line between war and fighting and mindless killing and murder was crossed a long time ago, however for it to cross over into such ordinary life is scary - terrifying even. There seems to be no respect or mercy anymore. 

If people wish to battle politics, go ahead. If people wish to battle each-other in war, be my guest. But surely there must be a mutual respect, a silently agreed understanding that what one party fights for may not be what the other party does but is still of obvious importance? 

I could say many things to the people behind Rigby's murder. I could say "Leave!" "Show respect!" "Don't like our beliefs, go then!". But that would be saying what everyone else already says and thinks.
I don't want to because it's such an obvious argument to make. Instead I want to ask this: what do you hope to do with your mindless violence and killing? What do you plan to achieve? Because there is no way you can break a country or destroy the world like this. Anger never lead to anything good. And neither did violence fuelled by anger. All that will lead to is a dead end. A very, very dead end. 


  1. Just like you, I like observing than speaking up immediately. In my words, I call myself a "neutral person". It's my way of acting and reacting responsibly.

    My first reaction to that tragic event is, "Why?" But, I can't judge the guy. There must be reasons behind that I can't understand and the only thing I can do about it is pray and forgive.


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