Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Last Of Us VS Bioshock Infinite

It's time for the two most critically acclaimed games of the year to go head-to-head. Sure, The Last of Us didn't score well with me, but I know a lot of people loved that game and would like to see a versus between it and its toughest competition: Bioshock Infinite.

It's going to be an even battle, so as Infinite does not have multiplayer, multiplayer will not be part of the contest. 

You know the drill. Let's do it.

Note: There may be MINOR spoilers ahead. 


This round is easy. While both games look great, there's no doubt that The Last Of Us wins this round due to its phenomenal facial animations. Bioshock Infinite looks amazing, but The Last Of Us would win against pretty much any game.

Scores: The Last Of Us: 1 - Bioshock Infinite: 0


While The Last Of Us has incredible characterisation (which will be compared in a different section below), the main plot is actually less impressive. 

Having to escort a girl across a suffering, zombie filled USA, on a 'LET'S SAVE HUMANITY YEEEEEAAAAH' mission is not original. It's what the movie industry would call a normal day in the life of a typical Hollywood script and story writer.

Bioshock Infinite blew everyone away with its mind-bending ending that had everyone questioning everything, like the meaning of life and what would happen if they hadn't eaten a banana and had cereal instead. There's no doubt Infinite wins this round, for having not only both an original and unique plot but also a totally brilliant one.

Scores: The Last Of Us: 1 - Bioshock Infinite: 1


Given the main point to the existence of both these game's is their single-player story, I thought it would be best to break it down further than just one section. So, how do the characters themselves compare?

The Last Of Us may have had a fairly typical plot, but the characterisation is sensational. And that's what it's about. It's about feeling pity and anger. Mistrust to those you don't know. It's about feeling real emotions for non-existent people. It's about following them on a journey that defines them as humans and changes them. It's about seeing them grow and build their own relationships together. 

It does it superbly. Ellie was a strike of genius and although she should really have been made to be about 15 years old instead, she was almost perfect. Funny, interesting, unique as a person and not stereotypical and, ultimately, a joy to be stuck in the zombie apocalypse with. 

Joel on the other hand was more reserved, and who can blame him? He'd been through hell and back. The characters you met along the way were also pretty well presented, although as with A LOT of games, they suffered from just not being interesting enough to gain your attention. 

The voice acting was also perfect. 

The key to Bioshock Infinite's success wasn't just its story though. It too had amazing characters. I don't think I've ever felt as attached to a first person protagonist before. Booker was awesome. A badass who, for all the blood he shed, was still a human. There were moments during the game when I thought he was actually remorseful and sad about some of the things he'd done, and then I realised that ultimately he WAS sad. He was a sad guy.  

And Elizabeth was sad too, but in a different way. She was bubbly, innocent and very vulnerable and you couldn't help but feel close and attached to her. And protective of her too. I was terrified that she was going to die. That something would happen that would ultimately end her existence. 

However she too was sad in that her fate and future looked forever bleak and she was constantly being used and exploited by those around her. 

It was actually a really sad game. A bright, colour filled game that was, well, sad at the same time. A superb contrast. 

In the end both games nailed the characterisation and voice acting. There can be no final winner here. It's a draw.

Scores: The Last of Us: 2 - Bioshock Infinite: 2


If you read my Last Of Us review you'll know what is coming. There is no doubt in my mind about who wins this round. 

The Last Of Us had bad gameplay. It wasn't fun. Playing the game ultimately felt like picking at a cold meal with a slightly warm coffee. In other words: the game's pacing was so off and the gameplay was so boring and unoriginal that it was a drag and I never felt motivated to continue playing it.

Bioshock Infinite doesn't have amazing gameplay. The vigors are somewhat pointless and useless and the gunplay is pretty standard. But it was fun. It was a fun game. I enjoyed it. 

There wasn't anything I enjoyed - except the hand-to-hand combat - about TLOU's gameplay.

Bioshock Infinite wins easily.

Scores: The Last Of Us: 2 - Bioshock Infinite: 3


The Last Of Us' stroke of genius was in its characters. Everything else was lacklustre. I already described the gameplay as being so bad it put me off playing the game.

Infinite was fun. I went on a marathon where I just nailed the game in one sitting and had my brain fried afterwards. It was great. And I instantly replayed it. I still play it now. It's a game that may have had a brilliant story and characters, but was also totally brilliant to play. The Last Of Us felt more like a movie. It was good to watch but mediocre to play.

I enjoyed Bioshock more. I'm sorry Sony fanboys, but TLOU loses this round too.

Scores: The Last Of Us: 2 - Bioshock Infinite: 4


The Last Of Us succeeded in creating a believable world filled with almost perfect characters, but failed to entertain from an actual GAMING perspective. 

Bioshock Infinite succeeded just as much, if not more, in the areas that TLOU did, and also succeeded in other areas that TLOU failed in. In other words: Infinite got far more RIGHT. And was a way more entertaining GAME.

If you want to know more details about each game, then check out my reviews:

Anyway, I want to know what you think about these games, so please leave a comment explaining your own thoughts on them! PEACE!


  1. Your a stupid ass retard that should never play games ever again

    1. I like it, very intelligent way of commenting. Care to teach me your secret?

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    3. Insert George Takai "Ohh my." here.

  2. I would have to completely disagree with you when it comes to gameplay. Because of limited supplies, shakey shooting, and being out numbered I had to put thought into how I approached each enemy encounter. Infinite felt like a generic run&gun game which i was very dissappointed by, especially because how good the original bioshock combat was. Infinite should have lost points for its generic gameplay for the same reason TLoU had a generic story.

    1. Personally I hated the gameplay in TLOU. Just my opinion though. I admitted in the article that infinite did not have perfect gameplay, but I found it fun, which is more than can be said for TLOU. I know it's a controversial opinion to have about such a critically acclaimed game (the Last Of Us) and I thank you for not doing what everyone else has done and just attacked me over it, but it is my honest opinion. I'm glad you liked the game as I wanted to love its gameplay as much as I did its characters and (for the most part) story, but Infinite definitely edged it for me.

      Would you overall pick TLOU as the better game?

    2. Overall i thought TLoU was the better game. Dont get me wrong, Infinite had an amazing story. The characters and atmosphere were near perfect! I just felt that the gameplay was really lacking. Like i said, the combat in the original bioshock was amazing, infinite felt like a generic "kill everything" game where you just fight wave after wave and dont worry about anything. TLoU made me think before shooting. The crafting and level design gave me multiple ways to aproach each encounter, plus the limited ammo stopped me from going in guns blazing. Ill admit the AI was kind of wonky, but killing an enemy in TLoU felt more rewarding than just mowing down a wave in infinite. I only took a break from playing TLoU when i got overwhelmed by the entensity of what was happenning in the story and gameplay. I would put down infnite because the gameplay got boring after awhile.

    3. In the end it all comes down to opinion and I guess we just have different ones. It's odd because for me TLOU was amazing yet bad at the same time. It was such a hard game to review. I hope they make a sequel and fix all the issues. If they do it could easily be a 10/10!

    4. I too enjoyed the last of us more, but I think it's because I'm comparing infinite too much to it's previous two games and not looking at it as a stand alone, I did like how infinite didn't seem as linear as the last of us, but like the other commenter said it felt kind of like a run and gun at some points

  3. I completely respect your opinion, though I have to say for the gameplay category I disagree.
    While I have read many articles saying that the biggest flaw of the game is the gameplay, the scavenging,
    real time crafting and stealth create this feeling of vulnerability, which is rare in a triple A game such as this.
    Joel's aim is shaky, but that and the above mentioned points build up to a more immersive experience. When
    you have to strangle a hunter, you feel terrible as the enemies weren't just infantry, but people that once went about their ordinary lives like everyone else. Moving onto Bioshock Infinite, which is still a remarkable game, it involved way too much shooting, and it became too much when the game's strongest aspect is it's complex story. TLOU gave you the option to not kill, too sneak by if you wanted to, take the enemies one by one, go in guns blazing, or just run. Too conclude I want to adress again that I respect your opinion and that this was a great article. Cheers.

    1. Sorry for the typos I wrote this in a rush.

    2. That's weird because I had the exact opposite experience with TLOU. The majority of the campaign you HAD to kill at least a couple of people on your way and not sneak past them. You know which game means real stealth? Dishonored. No "get that key" excuses for killing. Plus, I never felt sorry for anyone I killed in TLOU. Seriously, those people just spawn from nowhere and just want to kill you. Why should I feel sympathy? TLOU is amazing but gameplay-wise, it fails a lot.
      P.S.: No fan seems to care about the pacing of the game which was really bad. A game with such a heavy narrative shouldn't encourage you to spend endless hours searching the environments for collectibles. It's like expecting from open world games e.g. GTA to have a sense of pacing and narrative focus. No chance.

    3. *@Anon Above Me*: I don't think Infinite or TLOU had great pacing to be honest. I totally agree that no game that has such a strong focus on story and narrative should involve that much action - especially when it's of the generic/linear type.

      *@First Anon*: Thanks for commenting man! I'm glad you liked the game and that you're not just bashing me for disliking the gameplay lol. I'm glad you liked the article and thanks for reading it! :D

  4. I think that you've placed too much emphasis on the entertainment factor in this comparison. As much as people may try to deny it, video games are progressing to a serious art form and as such, they need to be evaluated beyond the enjoyment that the player receives. The Last of Us is an exercise in exploring a side of video games that has rarely, if ever been explored before. It is not supposed to be enjoyable. It is purposely a gruelling slog in order to harmonise the gameplay and the narrative into an engrossing experience of what this world would truly be like. Infinite is far more generic in that it is still a traditional adventure game. The story also uses cheap gimmicks in order to create a false sense of ambition and greatness. The characterisation was great but the plot is riddled with holes and introduces the multiverse as a cheap ploy to impress audiences who have been so dumbed down that they accept these cheap tactics as revolutionary. This is the same tactic that Inception used and it only fooled the masses into imagining depth beneath a generic and obvious action story with a very dull and boring story. The last of us does the opposite, it takes the generic premise of a post apocalyptic world and uses outstanding writing and deceptively simple arcs to explore universal themes of humanity and love. The last of us transcends its source while Infinite becomes overwhelmed by the weight of its own ambition.

  5. ..... so what u think is fun, eh?
    They say its a matter of perspective, but I see no reason that the last of us has bad gameplay. Both games has a twist, but the last of s is more emotional. You only give a shit about gameplay, not story, although tlou gameplay is perfect, despite the AI.
    Bioshock infinite's gameplay was awesome at first, then has a stretched middle where u shoot thru everything. But its still fun, though, combining the vigours that you dont give a fuck about.
    So what? Which games has better overall and is a shooter/ horror/survival?
    Metro last night? Resident evil 6? Your fucking COD?

    Well, you'll just call me a butthurt fanboy, so I'll guess I'll stop here.

    1. 'You only give a shit about gameplay, not story"
      Wrong. I emphasised my love for the story and characters.

      "although tlou gameplay is perfect,"
      Correction: gameplay is perfect in YOUR opinion.

      "Well, you'll just call me a butthurt fanboy, so I'll guess I'll stop here."
      Well you clearly are butthurt so, uh, ya, I will. Butthurt fanboy :-)

  6. Srry I was a bit harsh over there. Lol

    People say its based on perspective(which I think is still bullshit

    :) hope my swears dont cause you to jump down the building :D

    1. I take it you are the person who posted that moronic comment above?

      "People say its based on perspective(which I think is still bullshit"
      So you ultimately think that people having opinions on a game (that are different to yours) is bullshit?

      And no, why on earth would I kill myself due to a dumb comment? The only thing that makes me want to kill myself is human stupidity, as demonstrated by the first comment you left above.

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