Monday, 17 June 2013

YOUR EDITORS SUCK! (Why I've Abandoned Gamesbeat)

I don't know why I'm writing this now, but I wanted to get this off of my chest.

I will no longer be posting on Gamesbeat. Why? Simply because their editorial skills are so bad there are less benefits of having an article promoted by them than not. Honestly, if you publish articles on there you gotta pray they don't promote and edit them because it will come out looking like a shambolic mess.

Here are a *few* of the mistakes below:

That makes little sense. 'It went as bad as' - as bad at what? It went as bad as it should have gone good? My original post simply said 'It went possibly as bad as it could have gone.'
This isn't a big deal but seriously, 'game console' sounds utterly naf. I put 'games console' in my original article. So why bother editing out the 's'? They did it multiple times too. Beats me.

What in God's name are you doing editors? Editors, editors STAHP. NOWWWW. That is one of the lamest, dumbest pieces of editing I've ever seen. And they changed it from 'Well they can't use it. Simple as that.' Don't fucking ask why.

I don't even know what to say here. Go home Gamesbeat editors, you're seriously fucking drunk. I didn't highlight anything because it's all awful. I mean, they changed it for no reason and added in a gap between the 'And' and the previous sentence. Why? Again, I. Am. Clueless.

Those are only a small portion of the mistakes the editors made too. And all taken from ONE article. What gets me about this is that the way I'd written it before was pretty much fine but they decided to fuck it up anyway. And the actual mistakes I DID make weren't corrected... Yeah... Makes sense....

Plus people in the comments think it's ME who made those mistakes. Great. Thanks a bunch.

One last thing I dislike about their editors is that they can sometimes make your articles sound and come across like generic, PR style affairs that sound totally scripted and not at all ballsy. I don't want any of that to invade my style. I say what I think and companies and people fucking deal with it - or rather they #DealWithIt.

So yeah, if you were wondering why I was no longer putting content up on Gamesbeat - THAT'S why. It was a nice ride Gamesbeat and you helped me a lot but sharing my content with you is not really doing me any favours.

If you have any experience with Gamesbeat and/or want to share your thoughts then do so below! PEACE.


  1. i knew u from "Understanding BioShock Infinite’s ending", u are a good author.

    1. Thanks man! I'm glad you think I'm a good author lol thanks for reading my shit!

  2. I'm with the previous commenter - I first read your Understanding BioShock Infinite's Ending article at Gamesbeat, and came to the blog from there. I saw at the top of each page where it said, "This post has been edited by the GamesBeat staff" and I instantly cringed. An editing job has traditionally been a dialog between the editor and writer because the final product has the writer's name on it. I understand a certain amount of control a group has over the content if they have contracted you to write inside of their terms. In this case, however, they have replaced the writing style with the editor's (and obviously not a good editor), and I applaud your decision to stop writing for them. Their policies will sink their own ship, and you don't want to be left holding a paddle.

    That said, I just read through your most recent posts to this one, and I love your straightforward writing and the obvious amount of thought you put into most of them.

    Poster's Editor's Note: This guy's grammar was horrific, and his tone dripped with so much adoration for you that he sounded gay; even asked for your phone number. We've fixed all of that, though, and hope you appreciate our good work.

    1. Sorry for not replying man, I took some time off the writing but I am back now. I read your comment and it made me laugh and smile so I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write it! I appreciate every single smidgen of support I get!


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