Saturday, 13 July 2013

New Glasses, A T-Shirt That Proves Bias, Dumb Shit I Say & The IGN Community Is Nuts

Given the lack of interesting news and my lack of wanting to write any 'deep' and 'meaningful' articles, I thought I'd write another collective article featuring some smaller things going on with me and the world.

So I recently got new glasses! And these ones aren't made completely of metal and look like something picked out of a dump! Yes, I finally decided to get stylish glasses.

Do excuse the hair. Chaz.
I'm still not sure if I chose the right frames though. They're a bit big. A but, uh, 'geeky' lookin'. Not that that's a bad thing. I basically am a geek. It's just looking like a 'geek' isn't usually my normal style. But I'm getting used to them and really starting to like them.

Anyway, there is another 'fashion' related thing I wanted to mention. This is slightly more controversial though, but also kinda funny too.

So I ordered a T-Shirt from American company RedBubble. It still hasn't arrived unfortunately, but should soon. Anyway, it's a T-Shirt of Bioshock Infinite. It's 'drawn' or 'painted' version of the fairly iconic scene of Booker diving to save Elizabeth while surrounded by the Crows. I happened to post a tweet that I later, stupidly, deleted. I say stupidly because I kind of have a motto, like many people, of not backing down from criticism or controversy but I couldn't be fucked and just deleted the tweet in order to, albeit cheaply, avoid further abusive tweets. It was a cheap way out. But I did it. And I regret it.

Anyway, I posted this tweet shortly after my controversial The Last Of Us review (I gave the game a 5.5 out of 10 and I got quite a bit of hate for it in case you were wondering why I called it 'controversial') and within minutes of posting the tweet some goon replied calling me out as 'biased' against TLOU and biased in favour of Bioshock Infinite. Apparently my love for a game and my want for a T-Shirt with an iconic scene from that game portrayed on it is clear proof I was somehow biased not only in favour Infinite, but also against The Last Of Us, which has no relation to it at all.

I'm not biased, OK. I'm a small time guy reviewing shit and blogging my heart away. I'm not even registered on Metacritic. So why in Gawds name would Irrational or 2K pay me to give their game a 10 and TLOU a 5.5? And even if they didn't, you think I purposefully 'pretended' to love Infinite despite actually not liking it that much? Or you think I purposefully 'pretended' to not like That Last Of Us that much? Give me a break. I'm not representing an official website like IGN and I can show my appreciation or support to whatever or whoever I want. No doubt if I decided to buy a Metro: Last Light T-Shirt no-one would have said a word.

Speaking of saying silly things, I realised the other day that I don't half say a lot of shit. This fact dawned on me when I was out with my friend Harry and in reference to a girl who I thought was arrogant, I said: "Do you think she's (the girl) a bit.... Ya know.... 'I'm awesome'?"

There was silence for a few seconds after I said this as Harry looked at me oddly while trying to fully work out what the fuck I'd just said. I then realised I'd just said an incredibly dumb thing and started to grin and he then proceeded to burst out laughing.

"A bit 'I'm awesome'?" Harry asked me, "You mean, 'is she up her arse?'"

Yep. That is what I meant. I had and have no idea why I decided to ask, instead of is she 'vain' or 'arrogant', "is she a bit 'I'm awesome'?".

I realised I do say a lot of dumb things. I really do. I say things that make no sense all the time. I come out with the dumbest shit that more often than not makes zero sense.

I'll tell you what also makes zero sense: the IGN community's logic.

I always knew my The Last Of Us review would receive a mostly negative response and IGN really didn't hold back. I published the review on my blog on the site and shortly afterwards people began commenting angrily about why my opinion sucked all that BS. That's fine though. I honestly don't care. But the people on there are nuts. I swear. People called ME a douchebag, misquoted me, claimed I insulted a guy and stated my opinion was, basically, stupid. While negative response is fine, I do have an issue with being misquoted and being called out as a douchebag and a nasty person for simply losing my patience with the real douchebags and responding impatiently to their dumb comments. I didn't even respond to them angrily. Or nastily. I just bluntly pointed out why their comments were face-palm worthy. Seriously, the IGN community is mental.

Anyway, the last thing I wanted to say is that I know I mentioned a lot of 'haters' or 'negative' things in this blog but I don't want to seem like I was bitching and complaining or actually bothered by these peeps, I just wanted to mention it as I thought it was quite interesting and/or funny. So yeah, I don't want to come across like I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill!

Anyways, how have you guys been?

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